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Please help. What is described in this article is not related to Wifi-Direct at all. This is a basic file sending operation that involves clients connected to the same network which is not the main feature of Wifi-Direct. Wifi-Direct is meant to send files on-the-fly without even the need of a WiFi access point; its process is pretty simple: Search for the client like you search for a wifi network and hit connect no need for password, it's called Wifi-direct for a reason :p then choose what files to send like you do with bluetooth on your mobile, that's it!

Too many articles that I stumble upon doesn't give a correct description of this feature. It may be best to read an entire article before responding. As to my response to the article itself Please that wifi direct does NOT bypass password protection, probably because that would create a HUGE security risk that would allow anyone to place malicious software on nearly any device. Knowing that one DOES need to know the password of the device to pair to unless the scanning of a QR code is used , and knowing that both devices need matching third party software, I thank the author for the name of a reputable cross platform app for this purpose.

Transfer files between your Android tablet and PC using Wi-Fi - TechRepublic

As for the question, in android Bluetooth is limited in file size as well as speed. Knowing that wifi direct does not have these limitations is the reason that I needed a cross platform app for this purpose. With the security inherent in wifi, packet sniffing is the only issue possible with Bluetooth as well. While packet sniffing isn't terribly common place, it does happen so think before you send.

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A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn't want your entire family to know, either don't do it at all or at least use a transfer cable. Generally wifi direct is a great way to eliminate the need for carrying cables with you. Again, thanks to the author.

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Wifi Direct is best if your PC supports. Unlike Wifi Direct which can transfer data directly between 2 wifi enable devices, Superbeam needs Phone and PC on same network i. You can start wifi direct on your android phone. I have a GS4. Then it will show up when looking for devices on Windows 8. As far a laptop to laptop Look for the device you want in Then transfer what you want. I don't think you get the point here: these connections are internet-FREE. They are useful as long as you have NO internet, or if you need not to use it e. Bluetooth has pros and cons, as does Wi-Fi Direct.

Improvement is what's really going to influence our preference towards one or the other method if it really counts, in the end. I use Lenovo's ShareIt app, and love it! Cross platform compatible across my Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

Super easy and fast! Transferring any types of files is a snap now. I got the RAVPower filehub to transfer files from my camera to my mobilephone. And also media streaming on multiple devices. I've got samsung tablet with wifi direct and it's awesome because you can not only send files but play music, watch videos, play multiplayer games, etc.

This is the best option i know. No third-apps strange GUI's, simply open it using native windows explorer. Very fast!

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You can create a folder that shows your cloud files and assign it as a favorite for easy access. To me, approving AirDroid one by one for each device every time I need to sync seems much more awkward by comparison. But back to topic For me, I prefer syncing to cloud -- Box in this case -- but choices are almost limitless. This article was highlighting how to transfer directly from a laptop to a phone or vice versa without access to a wireless network. If I want to directly use the wifi within my laptop and phone to transfer files quickly, as far as I know, there's no current options to do so.

Internet is unnecessary. Again, WiFi needed but not Internet. To save a photo to your PC, click on the picture you want to download. Then, click on the three dots at the top right and click Save As. Be careful when texting people using this app, as each text will still count on your data plan! You check your phone on a break, just to realize your project was canceled an hour ago. Windows 10 can help with that, by sending notifications directly from your smartphone to your PC. First, download Cortana on your mobile phone, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Once your application is downloaded, go to its Settings to access the Cross device options. You may be prompted to sign into your personal Microsoft account before using the application. Once you reach the Cross device option, you will need to allow Cortana to access some information. To ensure smooth function, restart both your device and your PC.

To ensure notification transfer is allowed on your PC, open your start menu and enter Cortana. Then, select the Cortana across my devices tab on the left-hand side of the following window and enable the Get phone notifications on this PC option. Since both are linked to your Microsoft account, you should now be able to receive phone notifications on your PC.

Wired data transfers are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. At the same time, Microsoft is ramping up its phone capabilities to blur the line between phone and PC. For people that use both often to transfer files, or those that use their phones as an all-purpose USB drive, this was a long-awaited capability. While that may lead to application crashes, one could imagine later versions will bridge the gap even better between your phone and your PC.

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  • Read More? Your email address will not be published. The processes here, are mainly for Android, and that of which aren't, are for iOS; there is no mention of how to do anything for Windows Phone.

    Transfer files from Windows Phone to Windows PC using WiFi

    While I have figured out how to transfer files wirelessly on the Windows Phone OS, it's nowhere near as seamless, as is, for that, I know of Android, or I would like to imagine iOS, either; nor does it seem capable of unlike what is possible, for that, I know of Android sending over Wi-Fi, alone; It seems you have to have an active internet connection, to send files; as it appears to sever file transmission, if you are not connected to mobile data which is a real bummer, for me not excluded people, wanting to transfer large files while transferring files. Does anyone know of regardless of Windows Phone OS version a way to do that, which I described above?

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