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CAM, such that statistical noise and bias in trial design can lead to the appearance of efficacy for therapies whose rationale, to be true, would require that much of modern physics and chemistry be not just wrong but massively wrong. GPhC independent board of assessors.

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  • You always wanted to see how your sket. Collage Creator: Photo Art Lab 1. Sponsored Links. Photo Warp 1. Another definition suggests that procrastination is to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it; because you are lazy. Lastly, another definition implies that one procrastinates intentionally and out of habit. These definitions imply that people who procrastinate are deliberate and intentional in putting off doing what needs to be done. I wonder if it is that simple. Yes, it will be based on my reality but the hope is that the discussion will be useful and helpful in pushing us forward out of the rut of procrastination so that we can be productive and fruitful citizens in the Kingdom of God.

    A sluggard is someone who is prone to inactivity; someone who is lazy; someone who procrastinates. Scriptures bear out throughout the Bible the detriment of procrastinating; the negative results that occur when you put off for tomorrow what can and should be done today. Even our souls lie in the balance of procrastination when we do not do what is necessary for our salvation when we need to. Procrastination is very dangerous and destructive.

    I must ask the question, are you a procrastinator? Either category you fall into is dangerous, but the spirit of procrastination can destroy dreams and kill the human spirit. Prior to May of this year, I did not consider myself a procrastinator at all but then I experienced several life incidents including illness that have caused me to put many things off, over and over again including writing this Blog.

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    It is amazing at how life happens and creates stagnation and apathy where there was once excitement, desire, and action. Now, I am not trying to make excuses for not getting things done. It has been frustrating to say the least. This frustration often perpetuates the problem, bogging one down even more in the rut of discuss over not getting things done. It impedes the motivation factor that is necessary to propel one forward. They often do not set goals for themselves and when they do, they are not fulfilled. Again, I do not want to psychoanalyze this problem but understanding what it is and how it exist in you is important.

    There are several resources available where you can get more information.

    Nokia E63 Applications Free Download

    Although I have distinguished between people who procrastinate every now and then from those who habitually procrastinates, I want to address both groups with the remaining comments. Procrastination is destructive whether you live in that spirit and allow it to overtake you due to circumstances in your life or routinely fall in to a procrastination mode.

    I truly believe that procrastination is a spirit that we need to be delivered from; that we need spiritual help and support in overcoming this spirit. I believe we need the hand and power of God to help us through.

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    I know I needed it. For example, I had been praying and hoping to get this Blog done months ago, but I kept putting it off for a number of reasons and not just because things were going on in my life that were stressful and crazy. The more time went on and the more I delayed starting the blog, the worst I felt about the whole situation and the guiltier I became; but, I continued to pray and believe that God was helping me.

    It was a little text message that catapulted me forward to start writing again. It helped me to know that someone had not given up on me and moved on; it helped me to overcome the guilt from not acting sooner. To get through life successfully and to make our spiritual journey, we must have the power of motivation fueling our desire to continue. If he can overtake you with the spirit of procrastination the spiral of discouragement begins and brings stagnation in your life that is smothering.

    To begin the journey of overcoming the spirit of procrastination we must pray and ask God to help us overcome; to direct our path in the journey of deliverance.