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Enjoy music game play with Wireless headphone! You can get bonus scores. With the complete absence of mobile adaptations of games like rock band and guitar hero, options for high quality rhythm games have been sparse. Tapsonic top really brings a super polished visual sheen along with some cracking fast paced gameplay. Once you hit a flow in this game it really takes you to another level.

One suggestion would be to get some licensed anime songs as the game is already scratching that itch, and the gameplay mechanics are awesome enough to really have fun with songs you already know. I tried a lot of this kind of games but always end up deleting cos the music is unheard of. Maybe you could add more anime or just Japanese songs. Try to change this for the future please.

Requires iOS 9. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

GH Live (iOS) EXPERT - "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Minor bug fix. Size Lots of songs for a low price, with no IAP. The background flies around while you're playing, and even the notes move. Fun game. Cost of new songs: All free, but you must unlock. You also may run out of notes energy , and will need to let it recharge. Thoughts: I'm addicted to this game!

Collect cards heroes and level them up. Battle monsters by playing a 4-lane rhythm game. They fight back, so you'll need to decide which cards to use -- some have defensive capabilities, while others give you more points or higher attack damage. You'll gain experience, items, coins, etc. There's a badly written story to go along with it, but you can skip it if you want.

Cards have different rarities from Common up to Legendary , and you can "evolve" them with items. There are a ton of songs, and hundreds of cards to collect. Because it's free, you must spend "notes" to play each song. Notes will recharge 1 every 8 min. I've been playing this every day, and haven't spent any money.

iOS Rhythm Game Roundup (and some Android)

Aside from the story mode, you can compete in an "arena" against other players. You'll also randomly find "rare monsters" to battle, and friends can join you at any time! You'll all get rewards. There are daily islands which give you specific rewards on different days gold, experience cards, drum cards, string cards, etc. The songs aren't too hard, but when the monsters attack, the notes speed up. You will run into monsters who are simply too high of a level to beat, even if you play perfectly, until you level up your cards. But there are plenty of other things to do in the meantime.

Great music, tons of songs, and a lot of fun. Thoughts: A story about Chopin, with surprisingly good remixes of classical songs. Touts over an hour of animated comic -- which is literally longer than all the music combined. But it's a great game, and has a story if you care. It reminds me a bit of Gitaroo Man, with each level being a "battle" against someone.

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To get high scores, you need to tap "gold" notes that fly up out of the keyboard -- which is very distracting, unrhythmic, and may cause you to break combo. Also, you're supposed to shake your iPad to activate an attack! I don't hold my iPad while playing, so that is very difficult to do. Bad design, but at least those are optional. I never lost on the hardest difficulty I'm in the top 25 on the overall leaderboard , but you can bump it down if you want. I don't think the songs actually change, you just don't fail as quickly.

Highly recommended, even if you skip the cutscenes. Thoughts: The sequel to Frederic RoM. Very similar to the first, except the difficulty DOES affect the notecharts -- lower difficulty removes some of the notes you need to hit. They kept the things that annoyed me gold notes, shaking to attack. They added blue notes that must be continually tapped for extra points. Like the first game, there are leaderboards for overall score and per song, so you can see how you rank, and see which songs you need to practice.

Initial Songs: ALL of your music; no slots! Thoughts: This game is great! Tap, slide, hold--generated from your music. Generated charts are actually quite good, sometimes. Change difficulty, speed, and number of lanes per song. It does NOT use the "slot" system found in many other use-your-own-music games, so your entire library is displayed!

If you get an S rank on a song, you have a chance for a bonus item higher score, free replay, etc. At one point I thought an ad popped up while I was playing and made me fail the song, but maybe I failed the song and THEN the ad popped up. However, it happens so fast and right under your fingers that it's easy to accidentally tap on the ad, which opens your browser. Kind of devious. Well worth it if you enjoy the game and have a lot of music!

I don't keep much music on my iPad, so I may not buy it. Good on iPhone? There's a lot going on. Similar gameplay with taps, scratches, crossfading, etc. Remixes of licensed music. Lots of songs. Initial Songs: 15?

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You also need to tap around the main screens to find hidden songs. They may add more for free. Thoughts: From the makers of Cytus, but this one is a traditional piano-style game -- literally, in this case. The songs are almost all piano arrangements. One interesting thing is that there aren't standard "lanes" that the notes fall down, so a lot of notes can actually overlap not on the same beat, though.

Some notes are larger, and there are gold notes for doing "scale" type moves where you slide your finger back and forth. People seem to really like the story in this game. Only one chapter is unlocked at the start, but maybe they'll release more for free like they did with Cytus.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from, but as far as I know that isn't explained anywhere, so I unlocked everything grinding through Easy. Finally I realized you have to tap on the note icon on the very left side! It has an animation to indicate that sort of , but I thought that just started the song tapping almost anywhere starts it , so I never tried it.

Publisher's Description

Well now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Thoughts: Traditional piano-style game. Tap, hold notes. As you hit notes you fill up a combo gauge to 2x, 3x, 4x. You can activate it right away, or wait for it to get higher before activating. You can also spend gems to activate "CHIPs" which give you various abilities during the song. Lots of music available, which you buy with [P] or gems. Complete missions on free songs to get more [P], or buy them with IAP. You can play a song by paying [P] each time, or "buy" the song for some gems.

You start the game with 20 [P], but after playing a few songs spending 3 [P] each time , I ended up with a balance of 44 [P] just from bonuses. This probably diminishes as it becomes harder to level up. I also earned some "tickets" which I guess let you play for free for an hour and a half? Most of the graphics are not optimized for retina.

Interestingly, you can play in either portrait mode where the notes fall straight down Tetris-style , or landscape, where the notes come towards you like in a hallway Rock Band style.

Guitar Hero

Very fast game on Hard. You level up by playing, gaining you extra songs and gems. As you complete songs you can also get a card bonus. Haven't played it yet. Will update when I do. Thoughts: Nice game that uses keysounds -- so the songs will sound terrible if you're not very good. Three difficulties, and you can choose lane mode. It has hold notes that are also slide notes, which can fit with the music very well. Aside from going for high scores, it also has challenges you can play you must spend MAX points.

However, slots can be cleared at any time and replaced with a different song, but you will lose your score on that song. Thoughts: A Bemani game by Konami! Use your own music and tap, hold, and slide. The hitbar actually moves around sometimes, and some notes are different colors and speeds. This game can generate notecharts automatically, but you can also create your own and share them and thus, download others. However, you have to create your own charts "live. Major missed opportunity in my opinion.

It also doesn't have a good way of browsing the best user notecharts.

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I unlocked three slots easily just by playing a few songs, but the biggest "BG point" boost is by opening the app every day, I think something like points. If you've never played with your feet, it may be hard to sightread, and you'll wonder why the buttons aren't in a row. You can only play a certain amount before you run out of in-game "stamina" and have to quit for 24 hours to recharge. That may be annoying, but you have to replay the same songs to unlock more, so maybe it's just as well you can recover stamina with IAP. A rhythm puzzle game! You tap on beat to make the character sneak through the level, pausing to wait for guards to turn around, etc.

Everything happens on the beat. It's much easier to understand if you watch a video of it. Adorable art and animation, great presentation. I would love it as a puzzle game even without the rhythm. Unfortunately not retina, but it still looks great. Highly recommended if you like puzzle games! This is one of my favorite iOS games! Initial Songs: 14, unlock them by playing. Each song is used in multiple courses.

Thoughts: A rhythm fighting game! Sort of. Tap, hold, and flick notes to attack and defend. If you mess up, your opponent will attack you. You don't really have any control over what the characters are doing, so it's more like a rhythm game with fighting animations in the background, but it's still fun! You can tap anywhere on the screen, so this isn't quite an icon tapper, but close. You can equip different support characters to help with each challenge, so there's a bit of strategy involved there.

Cost of new songs: None, but there are randomly generated exercises adding thousands more. Thoughts: This is not a game well, you do get a score, so technically It has a metronome that you can change, and it grades your timing very accurately and shows you every beat with color coding! It's perfect for me! I've wanted to get better at reading music, but it's just so boring on its own. This marks your progress, and saves your timing. I'm so impressed with this app! Cost of new songs: You can buy new slots with in-game "backstage passes" which you can earn by playing.

I got a total of 6 slots pretty quickly cost of each slot increases with each one you buy. You can buy backstage passes through IAP. You can NOT remove songs from slots. Thoughts: From Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band! Tracks are generated from your music. Lots of IAP, but nothing is required. Great art and style. Every track is the same "street," but the obstacles are randomized and depend on the song. It gets boring pretty quickly. Initial Songs: There is a different "song" in each world, and each world has around 20 stages that flow into the next. The rhythm of the stage depends on the enemies, so the "song" kind of changes throughout the world.

So while there are only a few "songs," it's not as bad as it sounds it doesn't really feel repetitive. Thoughts: As you run to the right, enemy ninjas come at you on beat, and you must hit the "black" or "white" button to match the color of the enemy. Pretty simple mechanics and rhythms.

The hardest part about it is how little time you have to see which color the enemy is. Earn coins and buy consumable upgrades that slow down time, speed up time, or rewind a section. Stages can be replayed and perfected. Good in short bursts and you can quit anytime, so it's a good game when you only have a couple minutes. Thoughts: Crazy concept. It's like air hockey, but with a ton of pucks. Each puck is a note you need to tap, and some get sent back at the other AI player.