Sony xperia z message notification

You can expand the storage using MicroSD card as well. If you use Xperia Z, you know that there is a notification LED light at the top right on the display. And this light is up when you receive a new email or message. But some owners are reporting that the Sony Xperia Z LED for notifications is not working, the LED on their phone never lights up when they receive any new email or message.

Messaging settings – Sony Xperia™ Z1 support (English)

The problem may occur because of Stamina Mode or could be related to the backup problem. Best Mobile Ringtones with high quality audio without internet. JRJ Unlimited. Bells And Whistles Ringtones.

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Music Ringtones Galaxy Free. This is super frustrating as I get so many whatsapp messages and it keeps beeping every time unless I turn down the phone sound alltohether which then also turns down the volume of incoming calls. If anyone know how to solve this I would be greatful to hear Thank you. Edit : In this version it is also possible to set the notification tone to None, this is also available under the Notifications Setting.

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Its very simple Under the phone settings you have different adjustable sound options. To select the notification sound. Sign up to join this community.

How to set text notification alert on Sony® Xperia™ Z

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How does STAMINA mode work?

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