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The free SMS function current only works for sending to phones in India, where hike is based.


It may work on other Nokia S40 phones and some Sony Ericsson phones. The jad link at the bottom of the page is a signed version that should work on all the supported phones. If you get a error on an unsupported phone try using this unsigned jad. You can also try downloading the app directly from hike. Another reader submission. Facebook Twitter. Subscribe to BoostApps by Email. Switch to our mobile site.

Nimbuzz 1.

Pico Finance 3. New features in PicoFinance 3. PicoScoop 3. New features in this release include: Ability to turn images off to save both bandwidth charges and speed delivery of content. Ability to refresh the main page.

Nokia Asha 305 Applications Free Download

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How To : Update the Nokia Store Client on Nokia Asha phones

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Download game gratis khusus nokia asha | Download game gratis khusus nokia asha

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