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Apart from that it also has a guide which assists you to get top score. It features cheats and tips plus images which are inside the game. Another important thing is that you will get a review of subway surfers. This means you do not need to sit down in front of your computer in order to search for a review.

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If you have been looking for some help while playing, then this is the app to choose. This is a free app for android and it is available for you and me.

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes Hack Tool

With this app you will be able to get the latest reviews of subway surfers which will tell you much about this game we love. Another important thing which you get is a guide which helps you to play and earn yourself some good scores.


This will help you go to the leadersboard which every player look forward to reaching. We cannot forget to tell you that secret codes are also available for the game user. This app is for the top game cheats and it offers cheats which guides every user on playing and earning some good scores. Apart from that the user will also be able to finish playing the game since the app offers good tactics for this.

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As you know thing game involves a lot of jumping while dodging the train. While using subway surfers cheats things become easier since you will be able to learn how to get powerups which will help you upgrade. This is the app you use in case you are looking for a strategy in which you can apply and get top scores.

It features good cheats secrets and tips on how you jetpack-jump while escaping from the police and his dog. Also, there is time travel and back forward run. It makes the game look more fun than ever. You should try it out. This is the app which offers you the best tips and tricks thereby helping you win the game. The guide is very nice to use and easier. Another side of this app which you will like is reading more about all the characters involved. This is a paid app and if you are an iPhone user then you should get it. With the help of it the play is guided on how he or she can win the game easily than without it.

For twitter fans then you will be able to view what people are saying about subway surfers. This is one of the paid apps for subway surfers cheats and it is for iPhone users. In this way, you can take advantage of a hour event for up to 48 hours. Most useful for extending Mega Jackpots and Super Mystery Box Mania, and also for filling in up to 24 hours of the normally unused weekend.

Has no effect on Daily Challenges. Lucky Death is when you bump into an obstacle you will just stand and run without moving, until you move to another lane, continuing the game.

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Hover-Mixture is a glitch which the jetpack will act like a hoverboard. This is a crazy glitch that doesn't affect anything, also to active this glitch the hoverboard is supposed to end perfectly while picking up a jetpack at the same time, which is almost impossible to occur. Coin Accelerator is a hack that gives you a lot of coins.

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You'll must need the Rio or a newer Update to activate this hack, you also need a program for it. Another option on Android is to install the APK from this external link.

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You must be running the most recent version of the game. Backup your data first. Note: the above external link is ad supported, which can be a pain for some mobile users nothing to do with this wiki. If you want to go direct to the apk file, you can click here: nN1YndheX. Mid-Air Smoke is a glitch when the Jetpack's "colored" smoke will go to other directions, other than the jetpack itself. You need the Bouncer hoverboard for this glitch. Invisi-Board is a glitch that will make the hoverboard invisible, while surfing. This glitch occurs when you try to do the "Back Forward Run.