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Best Friends There are no other better best friends than Calvin and Hobbes. They are wonderfully curious and loyal. Totoro Studio Ghibli fans would love this cute, charming mobile wallpaper. The lights against the deep darkness are magnificent. Why So Serious?

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We are not always the hero. The Joker may be crazy, but most probably he was misunderstood. Cuteness Overload Upload a wallpaper full of cuteness to help you relief some stress off your life. Coffee Power Coffee lovers would love this wallpaper. Plus point: it is shaped like an owl.

Iconic Symbol There are several symbols of peace, but if you do not want to project it so openly, use a symbol that indirectly embodies the message. Mario x Yoshi You do not need to be an avid gamer to love this wallpaper.

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Everyone loves Mario and Yoshi together. KPop Culture Gangnam Style may be , but it is still an awesome music video.


Americana Memorabilia Memorabilia collectors would love this wallpaper as part of their life. Iconic Characters There are several characters that are iconic characters in popular culture and Zoidberg is one of them. Classen Becker.

Beautify your smartphone/tablet home screen with these best wallpaper apps for android.

You Might Also Like. Please, select version of your platform. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. How to find out the version of my platform? Show brand list. Select screen size. Page information:. Get cool phone wallpapers and pictures for mobile right now! We have collected for you a huge collection of mobile wallpapers. Free download is the main goal of our site.

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If the big cat doesn't do it for you, maybe this cute cat will. It is an adorable picture that will put a smile on someone's face for sure. This one adds a touch of magic to your device's screen. It is a cool image to have if you love the beautiful things in life.

Here's another animal themed photo that is great if you want a colourful wallpaper but don't want too much colour. If you love fast cars and BMW in particular, this is one of those wallpapers that will keep you close to your passion for speed. This is a cool looking circuit board wallpaper that will definitely have people's interest. With this one you are bound to get a whole lot of questions.

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If you want to stick to the Android themed wallpaper but don't want to go too tech, here's a great choice. There isn't a wallpaper that describes passion more than this one. A treble clef that is on fire is a declaration of music passion like no other we have seen. This is another music themed wallpaper that is also a little on the fun side. It should make some good laughs for you and your friends. This is a great wallpaper if you love animated themes.

There was an older version of it in the past but this new one looks really good. This is a great nature themed wallpaper especially if you want to include the magic associated with butterflies into it. Here's another cool one if you are into cars and bikes.