Keyboard case for samsung galaxy note 2014

The keyboard was easy to set up and is very responsive. Although I liked this case specifically because the keyboard included a touchpad mouse, I haven't actually used the touchpad yet, so I can't say how well it works. I'm a little disappointed with this for two specific reasons. Although the method of securing the tablet in the case makes it easily adjustable to fit a variety of tablets, it isn't quite secure enough. The hooks are supposed to go around all four corners of the tablet, and they are tethered on elastic strips so they will 'hug' your tablet. When I try to reposition it, the other end slides.

My tablet hasn't fallen out of it yet, but it's not as secure as I'd like. The other shortcoming is, as other reviewers have mentioned, the backing of the keyboard comes off quite easily. The keyboard is held in the case magnetically, so it can be removed if it is not needed. But when you try to remove it, more often than not, you will get the keyboard while the backing is still magnetically stuck to the case. I've considered replacing this with double sticky foam, but I'm not sure it would work better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Bluetooth Keyboard Case - Black

Bottom line is that I'm keeping the case, I don't plan on replacing it. It is basically what it says it is, and the feedback in the reviews is pretty accurate. I don't use my tablet regularly or carry it with me everywhere, so the case suits my current needs. If you are going to be travelling with it a lot, it will probably perform the way you want it to, but its shortcomings may become aggravating if you're dealing with them every day.

This may be it. I had the case for a couple of weeks. Took awhile to get but was worth the wait. Case seems well made. I really like the keyboard and track pad though it needs a sensitivity setting. Hope fully I can find an app for that.

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I have not had to charge it yet but I don't use the keyboard a ton. Magnetically attaches to case so easy removal. Cover folds back around so that's great. Also has a stand to hold the tablet at a good angle for viewing and typing. Very sturdy corner clips hold the ZenPad in place and would certainly hold a heavier tablet. This is a generic case so no hole in back for the camera.

That is a bit disappointing since the item title would lead one to believe it was made for the Zen. The cover does not have any padding and is a bit thin so I don't think it would offer much protection but it has quite a bit of overhang so the corners should be well protected. Padding would also make it quite thick with the keyboard on the other site. Only time will tell how long it will last. Magnetic clasp closure. Keyboard is Bluetooth and sync'd with no problems and sync's each time quickly. Keys feel awesome. So far well worth the money.

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  • Rose Gold. Cast it to your side between meetings and enjoy the hands-free convenience of working with it off-site. Two position shoulder strap can be used in portrait and landscape mode. Elastic hand strap helps make activities like reading, watching or entering data much more comfortable and secures it from drops and fumbles.

    You can strap it to the headrest for viewing on-the-go for some back seat entertainment.

    Product Information

    Sophisticated and smooth textured finish for professionalism and convenience easy to clean and keep beautiful. Stands at 3 angles convenient for every type of activity.

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    • Secure cover out of the way by folding covering flap back and pul velcro strap over the outside and through the plastic ring. Slide hand into strap for easy holding. Leave to dangle and use on-the-go in landscape or portrait by securing strap onto plastic links on the shorter end for portrait view. Stand in any of 3 angles by placing the cradle into grooves cut into the cover. It includes an adjustable shoulder strap for added convenience.

      This sleeve is all about functionality.

      Qoosg - SG No.1 Shopping Destination.

      It serves its purpose well and comes in a variety of colors. Also has clear back window for providing free access to the camera. Also included is an adjustable shoulder strap for convenient and secure transport. In addition to its air-tight closure seal, this sleeve features a pair of handy, sturdy ringlets at the top that seem built for hanging in that shower. So keep splashing to a minimum, we would recommend. Luminescent, fun neon plastic case that zips closed to keep the dangers of the beach at bay.

      Beach proof: Water, sand and sun lotion resistant. Um: technology!


      With this beach bag, you can read, take pictures and view stuff on your smart devices without fear of any of these hazards. When was the last time you could change a song while applying sunscreen or snap a hazard-free close-up of a water fight? Phone bag fits A multifunctional workstation - lap table for work in bed or sofa, laptop gaming desk, snack tray for watching TV or breakfast in bed tray! Also works as a bed laptop desk for lap, laptop bed tray for working, gaming, studying, writing, eating.

      Bed table surface made from easy to clean MDF wood. Wide groove stand with silicon padding compatible with any iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, smartphone or tablet. Practical student lapdesk for placing books and notebooks. At No more muscle cramps while you are working! Each leg is age fold tested times for quality. Weighing only 6. Use red carry strap to bring everywhere! It also works great as breakfast couch tray. No assembly required. Open drawer to store items or stand your iPhone. Take out Book stand with fold out legs from dedicated slot underneath the table.

      Its durable, spill-resistant shell protects your tablet during daily use. Universal Folio also features an integrated pencil holder to keep your stylus or pencil within easy reach as you swap in and out of tasks. Key travel of 2 mm provides the optimal depth for speed and comfort. Simply open the case and start typing. Your tablet is locked in the perfect typing position and stays firmly in place even when typing on uneven surfaces like your lap.

      Built for years of everyday use, it features durable materials that hold up to constant use and occasional mishaps. A special strap securely closes your iPad and keeps it closed while being jostled around in your bag. Ready when you need it, Universal Folio uses replaceable coin cell battery to power the keyboard.

      About this item

      Thanks to a smart power management system, it lasts up to 2 years without a need to replace it. Setup is easy—three simple steps take about a minute to complete. Water Repellant: Yes, outer case No, keyboard keys. Special Keys: Extra function row of shortcut keys, including media controls, volume controls, screen lock and search.

      Battery Life: Replaceable coin cell battery lasts for 24 months 4. User experience may vary.