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LEGO? MARVEL Super Heroes

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See more. International Enterprises. Play as Batman and join forces with characters from the DC Comics universe! Legends Unite! Play Harry's epic last years at Hogwarts and the battle against Lord Voldemort. Everything is awesome! More by Warner Bros.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Silver Surfer is knocked out of the sky by Doctor Doom , and his board shatters into several "Cosmic Bricks. However, Nick Fury orders all superheroes to retrieve the bricks before Doom does. Iron Man , Spider-Man , and Hulk succeed in stopping them. When the fight goes through the Daily Bugle , Spider-Man lends a hand. They face off with Venom inside Oscorp's underground lab while the Goblin flees via helicopter.

Magneto destroys Iron Man's suit and escapes with Mystique.

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Stark goes with Captain America to Stark Tower for a new suit. Upon arriving, the duo is forced to use the House Party Protocol to stop an invasion courtesy of Mandarin , Loki , Aldrich Killian , and Extremis soldiers. Loki escapes with an arc reactor, while Fury contacts some outside help for an approaching threat.

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Loki escapes via a portal to Asgard , while the portal itself is accidentally destroyed. Upon arriving at the Bifrost , they find Loki commanding the Frost Giants. Loki enhances his powers with the Tesseract, unleashing the Destroyer armor on the heroes. They disable the Destroyer while Loki escapes. Wolverine steals the Tesseract in hopes Professor X might unlock its secrets, accidentally drawing the Brotherhood of Mutants to the X-Mansion in search of it.

However, Magneto and Mystique escape with the Tesseract. However, they do rescue Silver Surfer. Jean helps them back to land underwater. The heroes enter its head and defeat Mastermind.

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Magneto tosses the head into the city and flees to the island where Asteroid M is. Magneto is revealed to be Mystique in disguise while the real one raises Asteroid M into space. Loki then reveals he manipulated everyone to create a craft from the Cosmic Bricks, and powered by the Tesseract, for controlling Galactus to destroy Earth and Asgard.

Galactus and Loki are warped into a large portal that traps both of them in an unknown part of space while Thor shatters the mind-control craft with his hammer, and Fury retrieves the Tesseract. Galactus decides to eat Loki. The villains are given time to escape before they are pursued. With all the Cosmic Bricks collected and reassembled back into his board, Silver Surfer thanks the heroes and departs into deep space, promising to lead Galactus away from Earth.

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In the mid-credits scene, Fury oversees the repair of the Statue of Liberty. Star-Lord states that there is something else threatening Earth. While having lunch with the construction crew, Fury encounters Black Panther , who was looking for his cat Mr.

Tiddles, and then tells Fury that the people of Wakanda thank him for leading the superheroes in thwarting the villains. Lego Marvel Super Heroes received generally positive reviews upon release. Among its strengths, reviewers cited its humor, variety of missions, characters, and open-world gameplay.

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According to review aggregating website GameRankings, Lego Marvel Super Heroes received an average review score of Steve Butts of IGN gave the game a 9 out of 10, praising it for being: "the best thing to happen to Marvel games since 's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ". He added, "It's a warm and witty, multi-layered approach to the brand that ties in hundreds of Marvel's most iconic characters, settings, and stories. Though the game was generally well-received, it garnered some criticism, often regarding the frame-rate and the repetitive nature of the missions.

Chris Barylick from GameSpot noted that, "Lego Marvel Super Heroes looks and sounds lovely, but its presentation quirks often prove distracting. Certain characters repeat the same lines of dialogue ad infinitum, which can get tiresome; there are only so many times you can hear Tony Stark proudly describe himself as 'Tony Stark At one point, my character would respawn directly next to his still-present corpse, while a boss fight against Red Skull had me wandering around the room for several minutes looking for scenery to smash before I realized I had encountered a bug and had to restart the level.

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