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If you don't play reams of music, hammer the NFC chip or spend hours getting lost and using the GPS, you'll probably find enough power on offer here - but it can drain rather quickly under harder use. The Curve might have a few foibles here and there, but on the whole it's a top quality smartphone with sumptuous lines, a feather-light chassis and some future-proofing thanks to the inclusion of the beepy NFC technology.

It lacks the power and prowess of its bigger brother, the Bold - but given that costs twice as much with roughly the same functionality, you can see why we really rate this budget blower. Get a discount on a gift cards to spend in the PS4 game sale. T3 is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site.

BlackBerry Curve 9360 review

All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number T3 Smarter Living. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. Reasons to avoid - Average camera - Slower processor - Video not much cop. BlackBerry Curve Interface The BB OS 7 interface is will be disappointing for those familiar with the previous iteration - there's not a lot of difference here from OS 6, with the drawers of different applications still the main method of navigating around. BlackBerry Curve Battery RIM has always been famed for its long battery life on the BlackBerry range, and while the Curve doesn't have a terribly poor power drain, it's miles away from the multi-day use we remember.

The next time you open Camera, it displays the same prompt about letting you save pictures to the media card. So if you took the 21st picture at a. To see your pictures in a slide show, follow these steps: 1.

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From the Camera screen, press the menu key, and then select View Pictures from the menu that appears. Press the menu key. Select Slide Show. Your BlackBerry displays your pictures one at a time at a regular time interval. Press the menu key and then select Options to get to the Options screen. Follow these steps: 1.

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Highlight the picture you want to trash. Press the menu key and then select Delete from the menu that appears; alternatively, press the Del key. A confirmation screen appears. Select Delete. You can also delete an image right after taking the picture; just select the trash-can icon when viewing the photo refer to Figure When you open a folder packed with pictures, your BlackBerry automatically shows thumbnails, which are small previews of your pictures. A preview is nice, but suppose you want to search for a picture by filename. Go to a picture folder. Select View List. For example, a photo taken at a SuperFine quality produces a much bigger file size compared with one taken at Normal.

Curious about the amount of memory your picture is using? Want to know the time you took the photo? Highlight the picture from a list. On the Camera screen, view the list of your pictures by pressing the menu key and then selecting View Pictures. Select Properties.

Blackberry Curve 9320 Flashlight Secret

The Hidden check box allows you to hide the file when navigating through your picture list. Once hidden, the file disappears from the list, and the only way to see the file in your Curve again is to use Explore. Check Chapter 14 for details about Explore. Organization is all about time and the best use of it. After all, you want to spend your time enjoying looking at your pictures — not looking for them.

Your BlackBerry Curve enables you to rename and move pictures to different folders. You can create folders, too. With those capabilities, you should be on your way to organization nirvana. BlackBerry autonames a file when you capture a picture. However, the name of the picture is generic, something like IMGxxxx-currentdate-time, where x is a number. Not very helpful. Make it a habit to rename a photo as soon as you capture it.

Using a name like Dean blows birthday candles is much more helpful than MG Display the picture screen or highlight the photo file in the list. The list is displayed from Camera when you press the menu key and select View Pictures. Press the menu key and select Rename. A Rename screen appears, as shown in Figure Enter the name you want for this picture and then select Save.

Your picture is renamed. Figure Rename your picture here. Being the organized person you are, you must be wondering about folders. From the Camera screen, press the menu key and then select View Pictures. The screen displays the list of pictures in the folder where Camera saves the pictures. You can proceed to Step 3. Select the Up icon to navigate to the main folder where you want your new folder to be created.

You should be within the folder where you want your new folder to be created. If you are not, repeat this step to navigate to that folder. Press the menu key and then select New Folder.

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  2. Taking Great Pictures and Capturing Videos from your BlackBerry Curve;
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  5. Type the name of the folder and then select OK. Your folder is created. The screen displays the list of pictures in the current folder. Highlight the picture you want to move, press the menu key, and then select Move. In the screen that opens, navigate to the folder where you want to move this picture.

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    Click the Up icon, and use the trackball or trackpad to navigate to the folder where you want to move this picture. Press the menu key and then select Move Here. Your picture is moved. See Chapter 15 for details. Your BlackBerry has several options for sharing your bundle of joy: 1. Highlight a picture you want to share. Another difference is that in MMS, the Curve sends a tiny version of the picture. It uses BlackBerry Messenger to send a tiny version of the picture file. You might see other ways to send a picture file if you have other instant messaging IM clients installed.

    You can. Start with a photo of her saved on your BlackBerry Curve. Then follow these steps: 1. Select the Media icon from the Home screen and then select Pictures. Navigate to the location of the photo. Highlight the photo you want to appear when the person calls. Press the menu key and then select Set as Caller ID. The photo is displayed onscreen, with a superimposed, portrait-size cropping rectangle. Inside the rectangle is a clear view of the photo; outside the rectangle, the photo is blurry.

    The clear view represents the portion of the photo that you want to show up as Caller ID. You can move the trackball or trackpad to move the rectangle to make sure that you crop to capture the face. Crop the photo by pressing the trackball or trackpad and selecting Crop and Save. Contacts appears. Select the contact you want this picture to appear for. A message indicating a picture is set for that contact appears. Adding a photo to your contacts can also be done through the Contacts application refer to Chapter 4.

    Suppose you have a stunning picture that you want to use as the background image for your BlackBerry. Follow these steps to set the image: 1. Navigate to the location of the picture you want to use.

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    Highlight the picture. Press the menu key and then select Set as Wallpaper. You can always reset the screen image or go back to the default Home screen image by following the preceding steps but selecting Reset Wallpaper from the Menu screen in Step 4. Your BlackBerry Curve camera application can do more than take still photos. You can also use it to take videos.

    Here are the quick and easy steps to use Video Camera mode: 1. Press the menu key and then select Video Camera.

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    The screen displays like a viewfinder on a typical digital video camera, as shown in Figure Press the trackball or trackpad to start recording. Figure Toggle to Video Camera mode here. The onscreen controls are all context related. When you first launch the video camera, all you see is the Record button with the big white dot at the bottom of the screen shown in Figure When you use the trackball or trackpad to select the Record button, the video camera starts taking video, and the only available control is a Pause button.