Samsung galaxy ace volume problem

Tried everything mentioned I think it was the safe volume feature would do that.. I hate it lol. Jul 5, 2 0 5 Male Oregon.

My Samsung Galaxy Rush has this same problem. The speakerphone and receiver are sometimes both barely audible and I found that merely lowering and raising the volume did not remedy this problem. I did find that after bringing up the virtual volume control on the screen with the side volume control, and then, by a peck at the screen from the low position and another peck back to high, did the trick.

Watch out because volume should blast again! This seems to be a software defect as I need to repeat this procedure from time to time.

Aug 22, 1 0 5. Enable it Update the below 2. Jun 16, 5 0 5. I had the volume problem after some hot days where my phone was not wet but in a moist pocket from perspiration. It appears this paper cover sort of expands and blocks the sound.

Slowly over the next couple of weeks as it dries out the volume returned. Cleaning the speaker slot sort of helps but you can get more severe to speed it up. Note I doubt the following would not be recommended by the manufacturer. You could pull apart the phone and remove the cover or poke some pin holes in it.

Also not that the crapy bit of water resistance it may have would be gone. But I am happy at least I can hear a call with my phone again.

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Which I believe is the phones primary function. I hope some manufacturers read this and ban thse crap speaker covers from their phone. If the dialed or received calls when on phone speaker mode work well then we can conclude that the ear speaker has malfunctioned and due to this you are unable to hear people on call.

To resolve this visit Samsung service center and they will replace the part. If not under warranty you will be charged for service and part replacement. Now if enabling phone speaker also does not help you in hearing people when making calls or receiving calls then might be a software issue like base-band,ril or some software corruption.

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Factory reset would help in resolving the issue. Backup data before performing factory reset. Now the phone will be factory reset. Your issue will be resolved. Hope i helped. Regards, Arvind. With the ringer volume all the way up, have somebody call you and check if the ringtone makes a noise. If not, the speaker is most likely the issue and should be replaced.

Issue with hearing Caller voice on Samsung Galaxy ACE

For further help try looking at the Troubleshooting page here: Galaxy Alpha Troubleshooting. Weirdly I had this problem for several days but just fixed it. I decided to follow the advice on this page and take out my battery and check for water damage. No damage I could see. I put the battery back in and turned phone back on and low and behold sound now works.

Weird but very pleased now!!! So relieved! Only had it a couple of days. Thank you for helping me resolve my issue. I am not a WIZ when it comes to technical issues on my phone, nor my computer. I sure appreciate it. Show 10 more comments. Alex Baranowski. It turned out to be a blue tooth issue with me as well.

I have a lot of blue tooth items in my home. I disconnected and all went well. That explains why I get sound at work but not home. I hadn't had this problem until today. After checking all the sound settings I swiped down the phone's screen and noticed that Bluetooth was on. Turning that off let me hear the audio on videos on Twitter, thanks. March 9 by Marla Stroup. Take out your battery.

Worked for me and several other people have commented that it has worked for them, as well. If you have recently updated your phone or flashed a custom ROM, it might be because of that. Try to do a factory reset of your phone, or wipe and reflash to the stock ROM. Trissy GameTV.

How To Fix Low Volume During Call On Samsung Galaxy

You can power off the phone which will correct system errors and power on again and When the samsung logo appears , press the volume down button till the phone opens and safe mode is shown downwards. Safe mode will help you because it turn off third party apps cache data. Jenelle Canel. I was watching a video on my sumsang phone and then all the sudden my phone goes silent and I do not know why. Randa liki Liki.