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Unfortunately, Apple has clamped down hard on the latest iterations of iOS, making jailbreaking extre Ah, the fabled dark mode. In the past, many users were delighted to find the existence of something called Royale Noir, a dark theme option that was available for Windows XP. Yet for reasons unknown, Microsoft had kept knowledge of Royale Noir a secret until some bright minds The release of iOS version 8.

Luckily, it didn't take very long for a new team o The iOS 7 lock screen was made to be just that, a lock screen, so it's pretty limited in terms of functionality. We're able to add wallpapers and easily access the Control Center or Notification Center unless we disable that access through our settings , but other than that, Slowly but surely, Microsoft is pushing more and more options out of the Control Panel and into a new menu simply called Settings.

This new Settings menu debuted with Windows 8 and mainly focused on touchscreen-related options, but starting with Windows 10, you'll find quite a There are a bunch of new and interesting features packed inside of Windows 10, but one of the most exciting ones is the Microsoft Edge web browser, the long-awaited replacement of Internet Explorer.

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While the "e" icon that you know so well will remain the same, albeit with a The stock Android app icons that come with your Samsung Galaxy S4 can vary wildly in shape and size, as they will with any out-of-the-box Android device. If you're a neat freak like me, you might want your icons to be a little more consistent and uniform, similar to the sleek While Windows 10's new File Explorer is just as, if not more, useful as it was in previous iterations of Windows, it could definitely still be better.

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Two features that would greatly improve File Explorer are tabbed results and a customizable user interface, similar to how the Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is one of the most versatile media players available. With it, you can play virtually any internet and media file in a large variety of formats, and it can be used on practically every single operating system out there, including iOS Kodi, an We know your time is valuable to you, so starting this week — and continuing every Wednesday — we are going to release weekly Dev Reports that quickly highlight important news and updates that augmented and mixed reality developers should know about.

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The goal here is to creat Depending on who you ask, the icons on your iPhone have either improved or taken a serious dive since the iOS 7 update. They're flatter and cleaner, which I really appreciated, but the neon colors are a little too bright, and the grays are a little too dull.

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Many of you have Not every tweak or theme is automatically available once you jailbreak your iOS device and install the Cydia application. For certain tweaks, you'll need to manually add its source, which is simply a web address linked to repository where the tweaks are hosted. Generally spea The latest iteration of the gaming classic, The Sims, has arrived as a soft launch for both iOS and Android in Brazil. Aptly named The Sims Mobile, this free-to-play game seems to be very faithful to the PC-based version that won it so much acclaim. There are plenty of things On the surface, iOS Jailbreaking your iPhone means gaining access to thousands of tweaks and mods which greatly enhance the iOS experience, so this is One of the most rewarding things about jailbreaking is theming.

Unlike Android, iOS doesn't allow you to make small changes to certain aspects like the icons or the lock screen, so jailbreaking facilitates the ability to make some of these desired changes happen. Apple is set to release its latest operating system for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch this fall, and if you haven't noticed yet from our iOS 7 softModder guides, it's going to be pretty slick.

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Gone are the boring old icons that have remained basically unchanged since the very The competition between iOS and Android is fierce. Each operating system offers unique and powerful features, so it can be hard to choose which one you want. However, for iPhone users, a little tweaking and some themes can give your iPhone some of the key features and aestheti DayZ is a first-person shooter game for Windows that places you in a vast post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other players that are all out to get you. Famous for its realism, DayZ has garnered a cult following and influenced many subsequent games in the genre.

It's fast becoming a top contender for mobile video game of , and it's very easy to see why. The game blends decision making and good old zombie bashing to create By far, one of the biggest advantages to having a jailbroken iPhone is being able to apply custom themes to Apple's user interface and truly set your device apart from the rest of the crowd.

And if you want to change your iPhone's app icons from rounded squares to circles for Rounded rectangle icons are so Sure iOS 7 tweaked them a bit, but with the clean new approach to design that software is taking today, they're starting to look dated. Today I'm going to show you how to go full circle with your iPhone's icons, and the results are actually It's not the additions Apple brought to iOS 8 that irk me, but what they didn't add that breaks my heart. The scrolling wallpaper section which you can see in the video below is quite cool.


Swiping on the right gives you access to all the apps installed on your iPhone, which you can scroll through vertically. Tapping on the Settings icon in the top right corner gives you access to the Settings panel, where you can change the color of the tiles, background for the app Home screen, change the time format, change your default messaging app to biteSMS and an option to go back to Dreamboard, which allows you to revert back to the default iOS Home screen.

You can double press the Home button to access the app switcher. Wyndwarrior, a jailbreak theme creator, has created a Windows Phone 7 theme for iOS. A simple plug-and-play theme, static tiles and application lists are both auto-created.

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Easily customizable start menu, including live tiles. Requires NO paid plugins. Runs independently from winterboard. The OS7 theme claims to be pretty full-featured.

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