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Set it up as completely as you can, including email account definitions, but don't download any email.

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Not yet. Step 2: Determine the location of the new PST file on the new machine. Where is my Outlook "PST" file located? Step 3: Determine the location of the old PST on the old machine. This is the PST file that contains all of your current email, contacts, and calendar. Typically copying is done via a network connection, but burning your PST to a CD or DVD is also quite common and a good way to create a backup of the file at the same time.

Be sure to reset the read-only attribute when you copy the file to your new machine. Also copy the file containing your Inbox Rules if you created one earlier. Step 7: Fire up Outlook on your new machine. It should come up with your email, contacts, and calendar, all transferred from the old one.

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Step 8: Finish configuring Outlook on the new machine. Particularly if you have Inbox Rules, this would be the time to import them and make sure they're working properly. Step 9: Never use the Outlook on the old machine again. Doing so might cause some email to be downloaded into that old PST and if you're using your new machine to download email that's not where you want it. There's no simple way to transfer just "some" of the email from one machine to another. It's possible, but the steps are definitely more involved.

You can use Outlook itself to find the location of the file.

Backup my Blackberry contacts in Outlook or MS Excel easy

Why can't I open a certain file that's on a CD? CD's are great for backup and storage. However CD-R's are not so good for files that you need to directly access from certain programs. And how do I move my outlook pst files to my macbook's mail program without losing the folder structure, attachments, etc. I tried many options I found online, but none work well After reading all of the Microsoft Outlook articles, there is still one task I would like to do and I cannot find any reference to it: My wife and I have separate computers with "almost identical" contact lists. She would like me to make them absolutely identical.

Is there any way to synchronize our contact lists so that I only have to maintain one list I sometimes forget to update both. Thanks for the help. When you copy the. Is there any way to copy only the email? I have already cleaned up the contacts and calendar on the new computer and just need the email. It opens and I can send mail, but it crashes every once in a while. I cannot back it up unless I am in safe mode it will not let me change it as my default mail Any help would be greatly appreciated. For Richard Phariss question regarding address book sync Yahoo Sync has a great option to keep address books updated.

It works great. I have my work pc and home pc always synced, with all the address. The main computer is set to have them removed from the server after 10 days. I am trying to move all of my email from one computer to another. Should i delete all of the email from the new computer before i transfer the mail from the old one? Is there a setting that i should be aware of before I transfer so that it does not reload and duplicate the newly transferred mail? Leo - your instructions are very helpful Here's my situation:.

I had to temporarily set up my email account on a second PC. When I did so, all of the messages in my Inbox moved over to the second PC.

I've created a. How do I get Outlook to reflect the files in that. Note that because this email account is enabled on both PCs, I'm currently receiving messages on both, but I can't get the old messages from my Inbox to move back to the original I have already used Outlook for a week.

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How can I move the stuff from my old computer without losing the messages on the new computer? I deinstalled Outlook then completed the installation of Office with Outlook I wanted to create a personal folder in Outlook - NOT - load all of my personal messages onto my company Exchange server.

So I know I can delete the folders that were imported easily enough, but before doing so I want to import the old Outlook I don't have exchange server to access the outlook mail then how will i get my address book. Thanks Leo. Very informative. How do I do this? That's considered a "downgrade", and I know of no way to do it.

I have been trying for days to move my Microsoft Outlook mail and address book from my old laptop to my new PC which has Vista. I have been successful in moving my contacts and calendar into Microsoft Oulook XP, but I cannot get the email moved. I have tried all the suggestions on this site as well as others.

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I have a new Dell with Vista I plan to install microsoft office My old laptop has XP and office I have a transfer cable. Should I install office on both computers then use my transfer cable to move my files? My boss got us new computers at work. I archived Outlook into a. New computer up and running, I loaded the. All emails are there, but my address book is wiped clean Is there something I am missing? I copied the Outlook. PST from the old maching to the new maching and all the emails are there, but no addresses. It says: The address list could not be displayed.

The contcts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; It may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permission. I have a similar problem as Dave and Bill. I have copied my. I can see the email messages but not the address book. How to copy Outlook "contacts" to "address book"?? Okay, I have a very annoying problem that I don't know how to resolve. In Microsoft Outlook , as we all know, it uses the standard.

Well, I reinstalled office and now I went to restore my. Everything worked fine and all of my email messages, accounts, and "Contacts" restored. But none of the entries in my "Address Book" restored. So now I have all of my contacts in the "Contacts" folder, but nothing in the address book. This is very annoying because when I go to make a new e-mail and I click on the "To" button, that pulls up the "Address Book" which is empty. The only way to get people's e-mail addresses is to go into the "Contacts" folder then get the email address from there and compose your new message. I have been trying to trying to get all of my "contacts" copied into the "address book" but am having no luck at all.

There HAS to be a way to do it, I just don't know how. Can somebody please shed some light on this problem for me.. I don't think that fixes my problem at hand though.. Have a look at these pages, they might give you the answer you need. I can't get mine to show "address book" when I compose an email message and click the "to" button, it always shows my contacts.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Close the contacts properties page. Then, go to tools, address book. Then tools options from within the adress book window.

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This will show you which address book will be displayed first when you click "to:". Good Luck! I took the PIC!! My Heatware. Well, not sure if I totally followed what engjohn said, but it worked!