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Google Maps with Street View on iOS: What it can and can't do

When you start zooming out the blue lines of Street View appears. Craig, thanks again for pointing that out.

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Now you can see speed limits with Google Maps. Google Maps helps the user in many life situations and is available across platforms on all major systems — of course on the iPhone. For quite some time now, they have competed against their rival Apple Maps, which has made great progress in the past 12 months and is now also attacking one of the flagship disciplines of Google Maps — namely the Streetview shots. The competition between the two platforms is becoming increasingly rough, which ultimately can only serve quality.

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The biggest competitor is likely to be OpenStreetMap, but only in the pure mapping and routing area and no underlying commercial interests. Apple looks a little different. When Apple Maps started in , it was one of the biggest laugh numbers ever. The quality did not leave much to be desired and was just bad — objectively speaking. Cities and streets were placed completely wrong, the route planning sent the user three times in a circle and the phone book or business directory of their search function could hardly deliver useful results.

The app only started a few months after the death of quality fetishist Steve Jobs and so the reputation of the platform was once ruined. Even today, many users are likely to download Google Maps as one of the first official acts after acquiring a new iPhone, even if that were no longer necessary.

Apple Maps has nothing to do with the Apple Maps in , and in the last few years, except for the same name.

The app has made a huge jump in quality and now attacks a new bastion of Google, which speaks as a strong argument for Google Maps. Do not go overboard in editing. Google has rules on authenticity that preclude cropping and other invasive fixes that falsify the look of the location. Just pick the closest public place that best describes your location. You need an internet connection in order to post your pano to Google Maps.

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As soon as you get to a place where there is a strong connection, tap the card and it will upload your image for the world to see. You will periodically get emails from Google letting you know how many people have viewed your pano. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. Facebook builds virtual homes to train A.

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How to shoot 360-degree panos with Google Street View

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Google Maps with Street View on iOS: What it can and can't do - CNET

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