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The Instagram app on smartphones offers slew of features such as posting images, videos, stories and more. However, the web version of the platform is very limited in terms of features and functionalities. With almost million active users daily, Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform , Instagram claims to have one of the largest user base globally.

The desktop version only allows users to view posts shared by others along with some other features like deleting, disabling and downloading Instagram data from accounts. Sometimes one may want to post an image from a PC on Instagram and to do this, we have to go through lot of hassle of transferring it to a smartphone and then posting it through the Instagram app. Well, now you can do this using the Instagram website.

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Sony Xperia XZ1 Specifications

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Twitter brings updated desktop version, users not too happy. But surely after all of that time, both parties could've managed to ship it with Android 4. The Ion's aging OS and 1. This 4. Will that retail positioning hurt or help its prospects? Can the Ion effectively straddle two worlds, carving out an identity for itself and attracting a defined market segment? Or will this hodgepodge of internals prove too inconsistent for any demographic, save, perhaps, bargain hunters?

Find the answers to those questions and more below. Sony's Xperia Ion is a dependable device that heavily plays up HD, but falters with a mix of old and new specs. On the surface, this daring Japanese-made smartphone darling cuts a dangerous figure, assuming a dual identity reinforced by the rigidity of its '80s-esque, hard-lined facial perimeter and the seductive curve of its aluminum back that all but screams contemporary industrial design.

This juxtaposition of old aesthetic values married with the new, sharp edges with soft, and abrasion with comfort should tip you off to the personality disorder belying this 4G LTE handset. Let's take it from the top then and work our way down.

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This is, undeniably, Sony Mobile's US smartphone flagship. A passing glance at the handset might lead a passerby to believe the phone was white-labeled for the carrier's lineup -- hardly the first impression any company looking to make a big splash would want to evoke. While we're confident the phone's build will either strike chords of praise or discontent from curious consumers, it somehow seems marred by the presence of any brand marking on its surface. Even the usual array of Android capacitive buttons, each underscored by mostly dormant slivers of white light, and the notification light on the upper right manage to interrupt the unbroken black onyx lake this front face could've been.

If only both parties had found a way to plant their corporate flags across its back, the Ion would assume a greater level of visual majesty, akin to the minimally branded Galaxy Nexus. Which brings us to another point: this phone's lack of the NXT line's distinctive transparent element. It appears the operator opted to maximize screen real estate while still keeping to the most compact size possible all in the name of customer convenience. You may feign your appreciation here.

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That quibble aside, don't expect this clash of aesthetic ideals to merge into any sort of ergonomic ideal. You'll find that holding the handset for any lengthy period of time, despite the smooth contour of its brushed aluminum back, will gradually become bothersome.

Had Sony's designers rounded the screen's edges, this roughness could've been averted. Instead, it digs into the cushion of your palm precisely where it shouldn't. It's also no featherweight at 4. Said differently, its weight is about on par with the iPhone 4S, which makes sense, given the inclusion of premium materials. At least that heft should keep the non-textured back from slipping out of your hand.

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With its 4. As you'll notice, the Ion doesn't cut the thinnest of figures and, in a way, we wish it would. This severe-looking slab could've benefitted from a sleeker silhouette, giving it a sharper RAZR-like essence.


On its back, two strips of soft-touch plastic break the back into segments: a removable bit up top that houses the 3. Move further up and you'll encounter the megapixel camera, flash and nearly invisible speaker grill. The only other noticeable breaks from the flush metal housing are a curious division surrounding the side-mounted dedicated hardware keys power, volume rocker and camera button and a flimsy flap on the opposite edge that hides ports for micro-HDMI and micro-USB.

There's also NFC inside, but rather than use it for mobile wallet payment services, Sony's promoting its programmable Smart Tags -- accessories similar to Samsung's TecTiles. The scratch-resistant mineral coating read: not Gorilla Glass laid atop the display does a fine job protecting the glass from in-pocket abrasions -- not that we Engadget staffers are in the habit of abusing precious mobile kit. What's more, the touchscreen is also fairly immune to unsightly fingerprint smears. Does that claim hold any water? To be frank, it's not that much more of an improvement over your standard mobile fare; certainly not enough to merit a bullet point.

Sony's understandably proud of the Ion's p panel -- so much so that it's hung the phone's entire existence on its performance as an "HD Everywhere" hub.

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That is to say, this device was crafted to be an ambassador for Sony's Entertainment Network , made to push high-resolution content to HDTVs. And the company's confidence is well-merited, too. Tilt it slightly in any direction, however, and suddenly the warm color saturation dies out slightly, dropping down to something a little duller and less contrasty. Could you log an hour or less watching movies or TV shows on this handset? In a pinch, sure, maybe while taking a short hopper flight.

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But that's not how Sony wants you to do it. To really maximize the multimedia focus on the Ion, you'll need a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, a compatible television and a library of content the company's only too happy to furnish via its Video and Music Unlimited networks. Once connected to a device or peripheral, the Ion's LiveWare Manager feature pops up, allowing the user to set actions e. This make life easier, with that HD-out feature a no-brainer to access, Sony's created a TV launcher that springs to life when connected to HDMI and is navigable via mapped function buttons on your remote control or the phone's own display.

It's an incredibly fluid and intuitive experience that doesn't require any know-how, and could be executed flawlessly by even the most severe Luddite. As you can see in our screenshot, you select content from a customizable carousel at the bottom of the screen.

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That menu is populated with pre-selected apps and also those of your own choosing. Up top, meanwhile, you'll notice a music widget which directs you to your stash of audio files. Overall, it's hard not to be impressed by this feature. You can tell Sony put time into refining this experience, essentially fool-proofing it for a wide swath of potential users.