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You can also adjust the volume and speed of text-to-speech here AirPlay also supports the audio output of the translations , gain access to the most recently used languages, and display the advanced settings. The text-to-speech feature converts spoken word into text and also repeats it out loud. The menu is very similar to that of Siri in iOS, which means that the app is very user-friendly. Even beginners will be able to quickly orientate themselves since the menu is easy to navigate. The translation app covers a total of 42 languages.

For many of these languages, the app is able to fully recognize spoken sentences. Tap the 'Share' button just below the text to copy this information to the clipboard so you can share it via SMS, e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. The Presidential voice pack, however, costs extra at 99 cents. The visual translation app enables users to set their smartphone cameras to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters, and immediately get an English translation. Waygo is primarily geared to the needs of travelers in Asia and makes it easier for them by translating menus and signs in real-time.

Direct translations are displayed, which is more convenient than having to look up each individual character, which could easily result in misunderstandings. From the subway timetable to hand-written menus — Waygo aims to make life easier for travelers. The developer team currently focuses on Asian languages , mainly because of the visual characteristics of languages like Chinese , Korean, and Japanese.

The best translation apps: which is the right one for you?

Other Asian language pairs are being planned and should be available soon. However, there are already many apps that offer a similar function. The optical character recognition of Google Translate, for example, also enables you to translate texts after taking a photo of it. So why is Waygo recommendable? Waygo scores really quite well when compared to Google. Since the translator app is specially designed for dealing with Asian characters, it also provides much more accurate translations than any of the present competition.

It only takes a fraction of a second to get the translation and no internet connection is required. Waygo is available for iOS and Android. However, the animations that appear when you open the speech or keyboard translation pages are impressive. The translator focuses on the most important features — unlike the relatively complex user interface in Google Translate. Direct language input is possible with significantly fewer languages available. This is where Google has the lead. In principle, however, the two programs are very similar in how they function: both offer language and text translations and keep an exact list of recent translations.

Microsoft Translator can also provide a live translation function. However, the fact that unidirectional translation is not supported means that the languages have to be changed manually in the drop-down menu instead of simply pressing the corresponding button. For short sentences, Microsoft Translator often provides more useful results than competing products.

For example, Google tends to translate word-for-word, whereas Microsoft Translator is sometimes able to translate short sentences idiomatically. A special feature of this app is the support for Android Wear and the Apple Watch. You can select the input language and output on your smartwatch, save the result, and view your last translations from your wrist.

This can be immensely helpful when you are on the road and want to translate a short sentence while on the go. The PONS translator app is a comprehensive electronic dictionary with many practical features that are especially helpful for linguistically curious users. However, the app searches for words in the PONS database and therefore needs an internet connection. A search function, text translation, favorites list, and setting options are available. You can save frequently used terms or phrases under 'Favorites' as well as listen to translations again and again and even view saved expressions offline.

The terms are organized by language, not chronologically. The app offers a speech recognition feature so you can speak into the microphone instead of typing the words or sentences. Naturally, many words have several meanings depending on the context, so you can only work out the right one if you have additional information on the individual words. The PONS app often provides more detailed information about the individual terms and helps to avoid typical mistakes in foreign languages.

The results are displayed in a similar way to the physical PONS dictionary. Just click to hear the audio playback of the word or sentence to assist with the pronunciation. The developers of the translation app, SayHi Translate promise no less than an interpreter in pocket format. The slim, yet powerful iOS app aims to be as good as a human translator. The app has been optimized for iPhones and iPads and can translate over 80 languages and dialects.

Google Translate

The software used comes from Nuance developers. Most of the languages offered can also be reproduced with direct voice output.

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The well-designed user interface gives SayHi Translate a modern look. At the top of the screen, you will find icons for choosing the language , the help function, as well as a way to select a phrase from the current conversation, the volume control, and other options. At the bottom, two large buttons are displayed in the two languages that have been currently selected for unidirectional translation. In the practice test, the app proved to be user-friendly.

Theoretically, the program can be used for a running dialog as with a real person. As soon as you start the translation, a large red button indicates that you can begin the conversation. The app automatically adjusts itself to the language that it registers. You must set the secondary language manually and then the translation will be carried out in the desired language through voice output.

However, the voice sounds very robotic and could be improved.

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As with almost every speech recognition software, it could happen that the app misinterprets what is being said and translates it incorrectly. This is especially likely if the pronunciation is unclear. In the meantime I challenge you to find a better app than this one. Translating restaurant menus was worth that price alone. The app continues to evolve and improve. Tens of thousands of people are using the app. I don't find the responses to complaints caustic but merely informative. Don't let the negative reviews prevent a purchase that can be very valuable.

And if you want to use a free trial it may make sense to have a need for the program during that time period to fully test it. And no I do not work for the company, only a happy customer that is realistic and understands limitations of any language program.

I think translating "get a life" from English to any language might miss the intended meaning. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description iTranslate is the leading translation and dictionary app. Aug 14, Version Information Seller iTranslate GmbH. Size This simple and easy-to-use translation and dictionary app supports 90 different languages. It's the world's first voice translation app with 5 translate engines integrated. Languages — The name may not seem very imaginative, but the app certainly delivers on the promise.

Do you often run into low-data snags or looking to avoid a bad Wi-Fi situation? This may be your solution. Jump to the best offline apps or go back to all Free Android Apps. Available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the app can translate text, spoken word, and scan printed material. The app is available for both Android and iPhones. Microsoft updated its Translator app to support offline translation on Android back in February, and it's just added the same feature to the iOS version. This is simply the best app available for translating various. This is one of the best offline dictionary apps for Android and iOS both.

Need a quick French translation? Want to look up a French word on the go? Look no further than your pocket! In the age of smartphones, a translation app is your new best friend for quickly learning a new French word or figuring out how to say a necessary phrase. Quest Visual Word Lens App. Best Offline Travel Apps. You can just simply speak to the phone and it will translate your voice to another language.

Best for offline use: Microsoft Translator Microsoft jumped into the Android translation market with this simple and sophisticated app. My translator. Apr 8, Check out these six translation apps perfect to use when traveling it all — with translation into languages via typing and 59 languages offline. Free offline translator from english to spanish, and from spanish to english. Open the Translate app.

This app is a lot of fun to play with and is useful in certain situations. This app works as if it is completely offline which is especially surprising to me. This app is definitely the best way to understand French culture, symbols and humor. The most important factor when coming to a decision as to which translator to purchase is the language the translator can translate.

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It's designed for offline use and supports 42 languages. Thankfully that feature can be disabled. Precisely speaking, you can have the in-person conversation with up to people in several languages. Update or remove languages. Microsoft Translator is a fantastic app to have while you are traveling abroad. The app goes beyond a simple phrase book with an SMS translator, Google which languages you need translated, French to English for instance. I personally recommend Voice Translator - Alive. It's not the most jaw-dropping app in this collection, but iTranslate is a solid and dependable translation dictionary.

Last updated in December, the app also offers text-to-speech, offline and text translation in 40 languages. The app is lightweight and fast. Use flashcards, basic phrases, numbers, days, greetings, and more. Supported by a thriving community, it offers reviews, photos and feedback from fellow The Nemo program contains apps for 34 different languages! The French by Nemo is a free app that can help you learn French at your own pace. Unlike Google Maps, it can give directions for walking, cycling, and public transit even while offline, and downloading map data for entire regions or countries is very straightforward.

Spanish-French Translator Offline Mar 25, There are so many options at google play! The app extends support for translations in more than languages including Chinese, Korean, German, French, Indonesian, Maltese, Hindi, and more. Go Global! This is a must have app for travelers using Android and iOS smartphones. It does in addition to the translator include dictionary, phrasebook and Flashcards.

TripAdvisor is the rightful king of travel apps. Spanish English Dictionary and Translator makes good use of screen space, displaying three columns of words in dictionary view, rather than presenting a single long list. It is not based around lessons, so you can just pick it up whenever you have some time to spare. However, I found it to be one of the best.

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The latest update comes with offline Translator support for several languages. The app is best used with the instant camera — just point at signs and menus and then see your translation.

The Big Question: what's the best translation app for travelling abroad?

But after eight months of on-the-road testing in France, Spain, rather than individual words—now functions offline for 58 languages. It's unique because it breaks down travel phrases into parts and you can create your own sentences. It includes support for the most offline languages, i. I was able to download language packs for offline use so I didn't drain precious mobile data while I was out and about, and I didn't have to Discover the top best offline translator apps for ios free and paid.

Like Google Translate, it offers an Offline Mode, so you can translate abroad without having to worry about roaming charges.

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Once you download and install it, you will have to download specific dictionaries, move them to SD and then import them to the app. Another option lets you completely swap the interface for a more classic one.