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It was in an interview with him that he said Lustboy and Captain Jack shared a bed together. Helios was introduced to League of Legends by his brother. MakNoob has been one of the most famous and well liked Korean player in the western world after his appearance at the Season 2 World Championship.

MakNooN used to be one of the most feared top laners in the world due to his aggressive style and urge to dive. Unfortunately, MakNoon is not the same anymore with his recent performances in the mid lane being fairly lackluster. It seems that he has yet to adapt to the mid lane and looks very uncomfortable during the laning phase which is not very surprising as he has only recently changed from top to mid.

Despite that, his game sense and decision making skills still look solid. Sword was built around MakNooN to support his over aggressiveness and dive urges. MakNooN has been one of the most adorable players in Korea with his loud personality and antics. Space was never considered a top Marksman in Korea, but he has always consistently played solidly for the team.

Samsung Galaxy Ozone

His favorite champions are Ashe and Vayne. This allows Frost to get a kill on their opponent mere seconds before their Flash or other escape spells become available. MadLife is also the last remaining original member of Frost. He only played the support role because no one else wanted to when Frost was first formed. He is known in Solo queue for his phenomenal Orianna play and he definitely showed why he was considered as one of the best Orianna players in the world.

However, the problem with GBM is his champion pool with Orianna seemingly being to be the only champion that he can play at a high level. Some of his other picks being Zed and Jayce which has not been very effective. During the games he played in Champions Winter, he was able to play Orianna repeatedly but yet the results were disappointing.

He always wears his bowtie because he is a Dr. Who fan. His name came from the fact that his mother would always catch him playing League in the middle of the night. RapidStar has not played a game in Champions Winter but it might be that surprising to see him played against Ozone.

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RapidStar can serve as the surprise factor for Frost. Frost has been one of the most dominating teams in Korea, but that has come to a stop. Frost is not the same team that they used to be and they have to been looking shaky in the group stages. Frost has always been the team to get behind in the early game but repeatedly outplay the enemy team in teamfights in the mid game and gain a lead from it. Judging the currently shape of both teams, I would have to say that Ozone definitely has an edge.

Even though Ozone has not been looking their best, Frost has been looking worse. I would give it a to Ozone. Community PBE Updates. LCS World Championship. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to our RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your personal feed reader.

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    When the Summer split rolled around, Fnatic again finished first, defeating Lemondogs in the Grand Finals and finally granting them their return to the world stage. Fnatic plays a fairly tame level one with invades thrown in during only a few of their LCS games. Their level one usually comprises of a ward or two in river for vision, and then, if given the opportunity, one or two deep wards into the enemy jungle. The average blue side start for Fnatic usually begins with Peke, Cyanide, and sOAZ heading up towards the top lane, dropping one ward in the top lane tribush and another in the river towards the Red of the enemy team.

    If spotted, Fnatic usually retreats and drops a few defensive wards in their own jungle before heading to red. This level one usually allows them very solid early vision while also protecting them from early invades and unwanted level engages. When on Red side, Fnatic nearly mirrors their blue side start with nRated or YellOwStaR placing two wards in the river, one usually across from their blue buff and one towards dragon, while the rest of the team heads towards the bush behind their Red, protecting against early wards while also spotting any invades. If given the opportunity, Fnatic will also invade as a group of 5 to get one or two deep wards down in order to secure deep vision.

    Both of these approaches allow Fnatic early game ward presence, superior vision, and the possibility of engaging if they decide to do so. While not common, Fnatic sometimes responds to engages such as their game against SK during Week One. After SK invaded, Fnatic engaged them in a minor fight right outside of their blue. Fnatic is an incredibly versatile team that has ran just about every conceivable strategy in the book, but more recently they have favored running heavy skirmish comps focusing on catching their opponents out of position and winning small engagements throughout the map in order to establish map control to allow them to get necessary objectives and snowball the game into their favor.

    When Fnatic runs their favored pick comp strategies, sOAZ and Cyanide will often pick champions such as Elise, Malphite, Zac, Jarvan IV, or Aatrox that can catch out their opponents from afar to allow for their teammates to follow up and secure the kills as well as be the frontline for Fnatic in fights and disrupt the backline.

    His ability to land crucial skill shots to catch his opponents out allows for Fnatic to get the upper hand in skirmishes. Puszu can also provide pick potential as well as follow-up damage with his Ashe, Vayne or Varus. Even though Fnatic has mainly been running pick and skirmish comps recently, they can always bring out 5v5 team fight comps or split push comps if they wish to do so.

    As a team looking to make history happen, Fnatic will be a very threatening team in the group stage and will stop at nothing to get out of group stage in order to make a run for winning the entire Season 3 World Championships over the likes of other regions and make Europe proud. Ever since their initial entrance into the European scene in Season 2, Gambit has always been heralded as one of the top European teams and they are one of the most innovative teams in the world bringing out new champions and builds that change the meta regularly.

    This is a double edged sword for Gambit because sometimes Darien does not have the gold that he needs to force his opponents to deal with him or duel with the opposing top laner which can lead to multiple deaths on the scoreboard for him. Darien is the main frontline for Gambit in teamfights and is an important source of utility for Gambit in the later stages of the game. Diamondprox seeks to apply heavy early pressure to the lanes for Gambit, dueling the enemy jungler, and stealing enemy buffs and camps.

    Leading the creation of team compositions and strategies for Gambit, what Genja lacks in lane presence is made up for in game presence. Genja has brought out unconventional builds such as buying Tear of the Goddess on mana-heavy AD carries as well as first buying 3 Doran Blades with varying results. Genja will rarely buy attack speed and favors caster AD carries. Voidle favors supports with high pick potential and disengage to keep his AD carry alive in lane and in teamfights.

    Gambit BenQ formed at the beginning of Season 3 after their former organization, Moscow 5, was forced to let them go after the arrest of their CEO. Losing in the group stage, they made it to the semifinals through a tie breaker where they went on to defeat both CJ Frost and CJ Blaze in back to back victories against the Korean teams.

    Finishing the Spring Split with a record of , Gambit would end up losing in the finals against Fnatic , securing second place for the summer split. He had moved to the United States to pursue a career with Curse Gaming, and Gambit was forced to look for a replacement. The EU Summer Split did not quite go as well as Gambit had hoped, with them finishing tied for second along with 3 other teams, a record of on their scorecard.

    Turning their losing streak against EG around, Gambit ended up placing third and securing their spot for Worlds. Featuring early ward coverage, deep wards were usually littered throughout wraiths and river, and the team positioned themselves in the bush behind red. They made sure that wards were going to be next to impossible for the opposing teams to place, and they also made sure that they had early ward coverage for possible invades and easy vision.

    Their blue side level one usually consisted of Darker or Voidle heading to the tribush in the bottom lane and usually placing an early ward while Diamond, Genja, and Alex sat in the bush behind Red. Darien usually roamed top and sat next to blue, preferring additional sight rather than safety against a five man gank. Their red side fluctuated a little bit, but not much.

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    Preferring not to go with an invade or an early tribush ward, Darker or Voidle usually warded the bush closest to blue in the mid lane while the rest of the team sat in the bush behind red. Gambit often favors running aggressive skirmish and 5v5 compositions to suit their playstyle focusing on taking towers early and dueling the opponents in every stage of the game.

    Their main strategy often revolves around the champion that Alex Ich picks. If Alex Ich opts for assassins like Zed or Kassadin, Gambit is looking for heavy skirmishing and winning smaller fights to gain objectives instead of full-on 5v5 engagements. Diamondprox will often pick Evelynn or other strong skirmish junglers to be another damage source for Gambit in skirmishes.

    Darien will try to grab Shen for this composition for pressuring top lane and for joining his team when he is needed. Genja and Voidle will often pick champions that can set up picks such as Ashe, Thresh, or Zyra that allow for Alex Ich or Diamondprox to follow up and evaporate their opponents one by one. Darien and Diamondprox will opt for heavy initiation champions like Jarvan IV or Zac for the main frontline and look to disrupt the enemy backline.

    Genja will often opt for Varus or Miss Fortune in order to deal as much damage as possible in the fight. Voidle will often opt for Sona, Zyra, or Thresh focused on peeling for his carries and locking down the enemy team. Gambit is a very mid lane-centric team in that they need Alex Ich to be the main source of damage for the team.

    Shutting down Alex Ich is a crucial goal for any team facing Gambit. Diamondprox will always be a threat in the game and nullifying his early presence will require additional gold invested in wards to gain knowledge of where he is and making plays in concordance with that. Darien is very hit or miss when it comes to his play. Sometimes he is on fire and draws multiple enemy members to deal with him, but there are other times when he just goes on tilt when he does poorly in lane and sometimes becomes a liability for Gambit.

    Genja is also often noted to be a weakness of Gambit due to his passive, farming-centric laning. Farming in it of itself is not the wrong thing to be focusing on as an AD carry, however there were multiple times when Gambit is fighting on one side of the map and Genja is just farming on the other side of the map thus rendering the numerous farm that he is acquiring absolutely useless. Despite losing their long-time support and having multiple swaps during the season, Gambit is one of the few returning teams to the Season 3 World Championships along with Team SoloMid and Najin Black Sword.

    Gambit will be a force to be reckoned with as one of the veteran European teams in the group stage. Looking to make Europe proud, Gambit will stop at nothing to get out of group stage to represent Europe in the playoffs.

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    World Championship Preview: Group B Overview

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