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What a weekend! That was us! It was a rush from arrival to departure. Thankfully, the convention crew brought two beefy i7s loaded with nVidia s to run it. We were very happy with the result. Would we do it again? It was a great event and we loved providing the graphics throughout.

We had a great time! Here they are folks. This is something I've been meaning to post for ages.

Star Trek: Next Gen Wallpapers for iPad

It's a sample of the new Planetary Database for 6. Now, that's a big deal, so this is something that we'll be rolling out over the life of 6. Each planet has been rendered from scratch, while making sure that they are as screen accurate as possible. Artistic licence is used in places where planet images have been reused in the show, but I think you guys will be fine with that. The main races in Star Trek however, should be recognisable.

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Finally, some 3D. Eleanor was never happy with the sparse and badly optimized 3D components in previous versions, so we've revised the method. New assets, better quality.

iPhone 4 LCARS Wallpaper from Star Trek 640x960

Also shown is the new "reconfiguring UI" which adds a more natural transition between various UI configurations. There's no doubt, Captain, right down to your aggressive strain of full motion 3D This video shows the surprisingly popular interactive addition to LCARS 47, Stellar Cartography; a system that was never fully realised in previous versions. Labels: 3D , 47 , 6. Those of you that have been asking about our stardate system, this post is for you! Here's our brand new time beacon. We developed a system that takes off where Star Trek left whilst maintaining the integrity of canon dates the best we can.

Please note that the stardate new year is May 24 leap year depending.

Star Trek LCARS HD Theme for iPhone now available on Cydia

It will not work alongside other calculators that are using present day times , Star Trek Online 's system which is about 40 years after Nemesis or any other made-up system. Commercial use is prohibited. That means you may not use this system as part of paid apps or apps containing ads. Special thanks to Martin Gillow for his work on the Time Beacon page. Tuesday, 15 March Feature-Packed 6. These videos are becoming a regular thing Dual touchscreens really make the transporter controls an energizing experience The helm module is also spread across two monitors.

The cursor pads at either side of the touchscreens are part of the helm module in Vexillum, which will work in tandem with Prolixus. Want more? Because why wait for the 24th century? You can also use a galaxy map, or star chart, to get a feel for what lays ahead of you. Trek Quest HD includes a trainee section and 3 increasingly difficult levels of play. The difference between the levels is the number of enemy craft which increase with the rank you select.

The starting energy level of your ship and the remaining playing time also decrease as you progress from one level to the next. The trainee helps you learn the navigation of your ship, and how to operate the weapon systems. In this mode you start out nice and easy, with only one enemy and one star base in each quadrant.

After you complete each quadrant, that sector will turn blue so you will know which areas you've already conquered. Move about under warp drive or impulse power but be aware that the enemy is lurking, waiting to attack you. When your ship gets hit, your equipment may sustain damage. If that happens, the damage reports screens show the estimated time needed to repair your craft.

If your rig becomes disabled, you can take a break at a star base and rest while your repairs are being taken care of. Infinite space brings infinite possibilities for mass destruction, so it's important to travel carefully into the cosmos. The images of starships and star bases are coming from Fotolia.

The images of ship's interiors are coming from Fotolia.

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  • All rights reserved. I agree that there are crash issues but the concept should appeal to fans of the Next Generation. It really makes you feel like your operating Worf's and Data's stations during battle. Besides crashing it really needs to be made easier. The trainee mode is simply to hard.

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    When you travel to another quadrant you're destroyed before you even have a chance to reset your shield strength. Also, My targeting scanner showed I was locked on an enemy vessel and instead I destroyed the star base in the next square. This game is awesome I recommend it to any and everyone, it's great on my iPhone 4S, but my iPad 2 is where it's at it's best, the controls are so much better on the iPad, and to anyone that says its crap cause it crashes, have you tried rebooting your device?

    This game is gorgeous and a lot of fun to play.


    Works on mine without a hitch 1st gen, 32Mb. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Jan 8, Version 2.