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But a report last August from Apple analyst Kuo hinted that might end in The rumor was given more credence in a Barclays analyst note in May , which seemed to confirm Kuo's original prediction. By eliminating the feature, Apple could save some cash on producing each iPhone and increase profits. And chances are, Kuo said, most iPhone owners wouldn't care. We may get a sense of how important 3D Touch is to users long before the iPhones arrive.

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As spotted by MacRumors , the release notes for iOS 13 note that the Quick View and Peak features — once only available to 3D Touch-enabled iPhones — will be supported by all iPhones that run the next version of Apple's mobile operating system. That's seen as another sign that this fall's iPhones will do away with 3D Touch in favor of Haptic Touch.

A July report from 9to5Mac has further fueled this rumor, suggesting Apple is preparing a sizable upgrade to the Taptic Engine in its new iPhones, under the codename Leap Haptics. As for a foldable version of its iPhone, it's likely Apple is working on something. The latest in a series of patents awarded to the company covers Apple working on a way to keep foldable phones from cracking in cold weather.

But while foldable phones appear to be all the rage in , Apple's plans point to a release at the earliest. There had been some hope that Apple would bring Apple Pencil support to the iPhone in But alas, it never happened. Now, all eyes are on That report said Apple might opt for a supercapacitor stylus, which is cheaper to manufacture than the electromagnetic-resonance technology Samsung uses for the S Pen that accompanies its Galaxy Note 9.

However, Apple's technology would make it feel more like a pencil, according to the report. While some had hoped to see OLED in all three models, that might actually happen in Don't pop the champagne corks just yet, though.

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Kuo's Apple product line forecast makes the same prediction. The 3x and 2x designations reportedly have nothing to do with screen resolution, as those specs are believed to remain unchanged for the upcoming handsets.

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We haven't heard very much about how Apple plans to improve battery life in this year's iPhones. But one possible change would be a welcome one — Kuo says the new iPhones will offer bi-directional wireless charging that lets the phone charge other devices. It's a feature that Samsung just added to its Galaxy S10 lineup. In a follow-up report published in April, Kuo said the batteries on the new iPhones will be larger than the models, in part to support that bi-directional charging feature.

The iPhone XS successor will see the biggest jump, with a battery between 3, mAh and 3, mAh, while the increase for the successor the XS Max will be more modest at around 3, mAh. The new version of the iPhone XR will see little change to its battery, according to Kuo. Leaks reportedly showing off the logic board in the iPhone 11 support that rumor.

The redesigned logic board would accommodate a larger battery as well as that triple-lens camera setup. Apple's phones offer good battery life, but they haven't cracked the top 10 of our list of the smartphones with the longest battery life. Perhaps the iPhone 11 will change that. If you're sick of your iPhone taking forever to charge, you may be in some luck.

Just don't expect USB-C on the device itself; a recent report from 9to5Mac suggests the iPhone 11 series will once again interface with the Lightning connector, even though charging speeds may be faster.

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What we want and what we'll actually get are two very different things, as Apple's history of product launches has shown. But here's a quick rundown of some features we hope that Apple works into its iPhone lineup. However, new visuals in the iOS 13 developer beta show an iPhone restoring from a Mac via USB-C, which could mean Apple is going to surprise us by making the switch to the widely accepted charging port in USB-C allows for fast charging and the ability to connect external monitors to the tablet. In-screen fingerprint sensor: There have been rumors for years that Apple is working on a virtual fingerprint sensor that would sit underneath the iPhone's display.

But so far, at least, it hasn't happened. Apple competitors OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung have phones that deliver the feature, and Samsung is rumored to be bundling it into a future device of its own.

And there's something very simple about touching the display to unlock it, without having to swipe up. That said, Apple has been touting heavily the value of its Face ID technology, saying that it's both more secure and more reliable that other solutions. Ditch the notch: Apple's notch has become iconic and has been copied many times, but it can still be distracting when you're using apps with a white background or watching movies at full screen in landscape mode.

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  • And as noted above, even Apple has seemingly acknowledged in a patent filing that it's not an ideal solution. Let's hope Apple can find a way in to bundle the front-facing sensors another way and get rid of the notch. Or at least make it smaller. A revamped design: Apple's iPhones were designed for an "S" year, or one in which the company makes iterative changes to its phones but holds off on any radical revamps.

    But in , all eyes will be on Apple's iPhone design to see if it's willing to mix things up.

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    There's no reason to offer a screen bigger than the 6. Tom's Guide.

    12222 iPhone Models Tipped to Release Simultaneously Following Launch Next Month: Report

    It looks like Sept. In fact, some carriers around the world are already beginning to take preorders. One leaker is suggesting we might see a special iPhone 11 colorway with a color-shifting rainbow finish perhaps like the Galaxy Note 10's Aura Glow , while another instead believes we could see black, white, gold and dark green options.

    We've compared Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10 with the rumored iPhone See how the phones are stacking up.

    Apple iPhone 12222: 6 things you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 11 smartphone

    Newsroom Open Menu Close Menu. Educators from nearly 70 education institutions attended the first cohort of Teacher Coding Academies in Houston, Austin, Boise, Nashville and Columbus. Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal third quarter ended June 29, The three new sessions include an interactive walk and more.

    Approximately 2, Intel employees will join Apple, along with intellectual property, equipment and leases. To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple is previewing a selection of new emoji coming this fall, revealing the newest designs that bring even more diversity to the keyboard. Apple today announced a voluntary recall of a limited number of older generation inch MacBook Pro units which contain a battery that may overheat and pose a safety risk.