Iphone will not turn on

Pro tip : Some iPhones may no longer charge via a wall charger, but will when connected to a computer, so make sure you try both! If you own an iPhone X, you have to press the volume-up button and the side button. You may also want to try force restarting an iPhone? If none of the previous steps get your iPhone to turn on, you can try restoring to factory settings via iTunes. Book your iPhone repair today. Remember me. How to Fix? Why Won't my iPhone turn on?

How to fix an iPhone that won't turn on? Tried Everything. My iPhone still won't turn on? There can be many reasons for this, but the four most common are: 1. Charge your battery Fully discharged batteries are the number one cause of iPhones not turning on. Restore to Factory Settings via iTunes Data Loss If none of the previous steps get your iPhone to turn on, you can try restoring to factory settings via iTunes.

Get iSmash Technicians to Run a Diagnosis. Leave a comment Name Email. Have you got a question? Get in touch. Was using iPhone 5s, set it down for a few minutes and when I tried to use phone, it was dead. I wiped my phone clean and the problem still exists. Anyone run into this problem? Perhaps this is the way Apple gets ppl to upgrade every two years. My phone died so I plugged it in and it said it was charging, but it has been over a day now and it wont turn on. I have tried all of these methods and none of them worked, my phone did fall in the pool 2 months ago but we put in rice and it has been working fine since.

Can this be a late reaction or what? I dropped my phone in the toilet too, but that was all the way back in April and its now May, it could be a late reaction but ive tried everything and nothing is working, and i swear im not over exaggerating!! You dropped your iPhone in a toilet, that is why it is not working. You will probably need a new iPhone if it was water damaged. Does anyone know how much it costs to get my phone replaced? It is a iPhone 5s. Depends on where you are from, but you can replace malfunctioning iPhones at most Apple Stores, and they can repair devices too.

Often it is cheaper to just sign up for a new contract to subsidize the iPhone purchase. Thank you the reboot using both buttons worked! Thank you soooo much!! This was very helpful, I tried holding the home and the lock screen button together and it turned on within a few seconds! I am so glad, I was freaking out. Thanks a lot!

If your button is broken and the iPhone is turned off, plug it into a charger for it to turn on, which is mentioned in the article that you skimmed through. My iphone was not responding and it had me quite worried so I force rebooted it and its working again. Dropped my iPhone 6 on hard floor this morning.

Tried to plug it into computer, wall outlet, and holding down home button and lock button. Nothing has worked so far nothing has shown up on screen.

How to Fix My iPhone won't Turn On (iPhone dead)

Thank you in advance. Huge thank you! I thought I had tried everything — wrong! I thought my iPhone was toast!! I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 18 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up. So grateful for your tip!! This worked well for me. What can I do to restore the crashed or frozen iPhone. Will appreciate a reply to my email provided. I have no time to go to the Genius Bar because I have waited too long and need my iPod for a trip to Florida.

I thought my ipod was done, but the reboot worked! Thank you so much, I was so scared when my 2 year old IPhone 4S shut off after not being dead and this article saved me from going crazy! Thank you again! I used a third party charger. My iPhone 4s turns on goes to the white apple sign guide to black screen then turns off and repeats. All you have to do is get your phone out of bootloop daveyon. This will factory reset to current software which means hopefully you have a backup or your pretty much screwed.

You guys are the best! Thank you so, so, so, so much! I thought I had to get a new phone or pay a thousand bucks to get it repaired! Thank you so much! Yes the forced reboot worked great for me too but also I had to toggle the mute button a few times as I read on another post which worked fine aaaah relief!!!

As this article states, it is very rare for an iPhone to be defective if it has been properly taken care of. After removing the screw, everything worked fine. So if you are in a similar situation, I would recommend looking at the inside to try to find something that could be shorting out the circuit board.

Hope this helps someone. Thanks so much! So again, thanks. Hey, my iphone 4 died and wont charge at all. These methods didnt work for me either! I am not comfortable sending my phone in to be repaired with ALL my personal info still on it. I just cant trust anyone like that. What would any of you suggest would be the best bet for me moving forward? Back up your iPhone to your computer with iTunes, then back it up to iCloud. Then send in your iPhone.

When you get it back, you can restore it from iTunes or iCloud. Use both backups. They offered no solution. Any suggestions?? I have Iphone 4s and it got wet in the rain today. I came home and now the screen is black and do not respond at all. I get vibrations when someone calls and also i can speak very clearly. But the screen is still black even after connecting to Itunes. Is it normal for the phone to take so long to turn on after being off for so long or it Is something more serious? I tried the force reboot, but nothing happened. Was playing YouTube songs for my daughter.

Could this have ran it down that fast?! This my first IPhone so I have no idea. I got grounded got my phone taken and my phone died that night and was dead for two weeks. Charged it for a full day and the screen is still blank… tried everything you suggested and nothing worked.

Apparently my battery is completely drained but like how do I fix this? Awesome advice! It shows a drained battery with red line and a cable below when the power switch is pressed. I really need my phone. Nothing works for me either, even though i have the 5s, it ran out of battery a couple of days ago, i was camping so there were no electrical sources for me to charge the phone, so i just said stuff it and i left in in my bag for three days until i got to an electrical source, its been charging for hours and nothing is happening, i must have tried force reboot over 50 times and im getting sick of it because this has happened before, i dunno if its because i dropped it in the toilet, but that was months ago and it worked fine after id put it in a bowl of rice but i think i might just go back to Tesco to see if they can do anything about it, ive also tried ITunes backup but it didnt recognize my phone so that was alot of help….

I have the same situation! Almost the exact same. Did you figure out what to do? How can i turn it on? What would be the Problem? I have an iphone 4s and about 4 days ago,and it like wont cut back on. But whenever I plug it in the screen shows whether its charging or not but it wont cut back on. I even would charge it for about 6 hrs and it wont do anything.

I just wanted to say thank you buddiee. I was so worried that id have to take my phone to the dang apple store on my day off.. You saved me a trip to the Apple store. My 5 month old 5s responded with the reboot after going dead overnight. Is this crash indicative of a problem with my software and thus, more likely to happen again in the future? Thanks again! I just experienced a dead iPhone and attempting the usual methods still exulted in the Apple screen showing for a minute or 2 then shutting down. When it went into its backup routine I discovered that my phone was 1.

After some purging it seems to be back to normal. It happend about 2 days ago as well, and when she plugs it into the charger it vibrates constantly, after a while that night it finally turned on. Whar can I do?! This happened to me at least a year ago and I left it be for a week before it finally worked again. Had a hard time helping my mom with it but once I read this it worked! Thanks again :.

I have tried a second apple charger but no sign of the warning either. The other problem with my phone is that the power button stopped working a while back. I have tried holding the home button, though. No luck! So no damage has been done. Have you found a solution yet? The exact same thing has just happened to me today. Woke up and absolutely nothing will turn it on. Tried charging for a few hours on various different cables — nothing! Tried hard reboot — nothing!

Did you ever get this phone to work? I am having the exact same problem. Hard Reboot does nothing, plugged into 3 different working chargers for over an hour each, and still nothing. Tried the hard reboot several times with no success. Plugged it into a computer via USB port, and it goes unrecognized by the computer as well. This is funny as it happened to my fiances phone Friday. I suggest anyone with this issue prints this thread to prove its happening to other people around the same time now. Did you ever the phone to work?

Did you all find a solution for this. My computer will not even recognize my phone is plugged in and I tried various cables. At one point I got it to to turn on and got excited and then the second I touched it, turned back off. It will show that it is dead with low battery and that it is successfully plugged in and supposedly being charged, however will not take a charge or turn on.

If none of these tricks work you should contact Apple directly to fix your iPhone, it is probably broken. They helped me for free. I dont know what they did but they plugged my iPhone into one of their computers, tapped a couple keys and it worked. Free of charge. If it is within warranty the only problems they will charge for is any battery related problem, other than that piece of hardware everything is covered. Mine has been acting really weird. I plugged it in for 1. My previous one was an iPhone 5c, and the screen popped out, which really sucks when you have to hold the top corner just to see what time it was.

My brand new iPhone 7, which I bought two whole days ago just died and will not turn on. The battery was fully powered when it crashed. So frustrating. I had the same problem , but with my Iphone 6. Did you get another phone?

What To Do When Your iPhone Won't Turn On

If so , what was the problem? I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 15 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up. Ok one question- may be stupid but here I go… Does the Force Reboot clear apps, photos, songs, etc.? Thank you so much!! I thought I broke my phone forever. In all reality I wad just using a cheap third party cable. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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iPhone Won't Turn On on iOS 12.3?-I Tried this Guide And Even I Was Surprised!

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Why your iPhone won’t turn on?

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How to Fix iPhone 6/6s Won't Turn On

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