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If the area code you want is not available, you can always switch later when they add it. You can even port an existing number if you're ready to make that jump. Line2 also lets you forward calls to other numbers when you're not available or would just rather send the call elsewhere. Whenever someone calls, you have the option of hitting the Forward button. Currently Line2 needs to be running, at least in the background, in order to notify you of incoming calls which it does very nicely.

If you do not have Line2 running, calls will be forwarded automatically or sent to voicemail. It would be awesome if the app could send a push notification when it's not running, but backgrounding Line2 is an easy enough way to make sure your calls come in. Quitting it is also a nice way to avoid receiving a phone call. Overall, you get everything you really need out of phone service with Line2.

Line2 via the iTunes App Store. It's really not a bad idea to download each of these apps, as every one is free. While Line2 is our pick for best phone service and text messaging, if you need to make a cheap call outside of North America or you simply do not live in North America , you'll want to have Skype. Fring is also useful for making various free calls through virtually any alternative service and provides you with social networking, so under the right circumstances it might be a better phone app for you.

Regardless, it's good to have all three.

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They each have their own advantages and having them all will ensure you'll be able to make any kind of phone call for hardly any money. If you're only using your iPod touch as a home phone, your home Wi-Fi network is really sufficient for handling any incoming calls. If you want to use your iPod touch as a phone outside of your house, however, you really only have two options. The first is accepting that you're at the mercy of free Wi-Fi and that phone calls are only going to come in when you're connected. On the plus side, pretty much everywhere you would want to receive a phone call has free Wi-Fi these days at least in the US, anyway.

On the downside, chances are your car isn't Wi-Fi-enabled. If you need to be able to make and receive calls from your car, a deserted parking lot, when you're out camping, or any location where Wi-Fi signals won't reach, you're going to need some sort of cellular data plan. Sprint offers the Overdrive, which in some areas can provide you with a 4G signal, and Verizon has their very popular MiFi which only offers 3G. We're going to look at using the Verizon MiFi with the iPod touch in some real-world situations to see how it stacks up to true iPhone service.

How exactly is this better than just buying an iPhone? Here's the breakdown:. If you don't use your iPhone that much and can stick to the bare minimum, this might not be worth it for you. Let's take a look how this configuration worked in real-world scenarios. As a test, I drove from Pasadena to Hollywood, covering areas with both little and heavy traffic which is about a 90 minute drive for those of you who aren't familiar with a standard Los Angeles Sunday afternoon.

While not a scientific test, this provided a bunch of different situations to gauge how the MiFi handled making a VoIP call while moving long distances at various speeds. I spent some time on the highway, some time on the street, some time not moving at all, and ended up walking around outside for a few blocks as well. Basically, I tested out a variety of situations in which you'd enlist the MiFi for calls. The first two things I noticed about making VoIP calls over 3G: the call quality was much better than an iPhone call it's really a beautiful thing , but call lag was a little more prominent than it would be if the call was placed on a real iPhone.

Dropped calls happened about as much as you'd expect from an iPhone, although they weren't quite as graceful. Where the iPhone notifies you with three beeps when a call is dropped, the iPod touch using Line2 just pretended the call was still active even though the call had been lost. This isn't great when you're in a car because it requires that you look at the screen.

On the other hand, the signal was only ever lost on the highway whereas with an iPhone, in Los Angeles, it can happen virtually anywhere. When I wasn't roaming around as much, there were times where I couldn't hear the friend I was talking to and he couldn't hear me, but unlike an iPhone, the iPod touch using Line2 and the Verizon MiFi recovered in a few seconds and continued to work just fine.

The bottom line? Remember that the downloading and uploading will take some time so please be patient. Next, open the Bluestacks app and link your google account details into it. This is a mandatory step so please fulfill it before proceeding. Therefore, to get the FaceTime application on your PC, you need to try this method as given above. If it does not work then do not be disappointed as we will keep updating this section of the article for more methods soon. Until then you can try this or use any other alternative app as there are better apps for PC than the FaceTime app. With increasing demands in the communication-based apps, the competition is also getting tougher.

The stronger of them being FaceTime is losing its ability to trend in with other OS platforms. When the larger fraction of users being Android users, the apps inability to reach them is a major drawback to their image.

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It is in notice that Apple has not allowed the open standard to this app. This means that it still works with IOS platform usage only. There are people who have requested for the app to be an open standard app but the results are far from being so. Thus as for Windows phones, this app is still not compatible with its OS. But for the sake of the need to communicate, there are various apps that fulfill the requirement without any issue. In this section, here you will see the major trending apps that serve as an alternative to FaceTime for Windows phone. Facebook is a global scale and hence making use of its messenger features will be an advantage to its users.

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All these apps are available for the Windows users so why would one only wait for FaceTime. It is the simplest video calling app that is bound to single tap direct call interface. The user can be at two different places at one time through FaceTime app. You can run the call in the background when you have to access other features of your iPhone. The timer of FaceTime does not count time against the regular minutes of data calls. FaceTime app can orient to both the cameras primary and secondary as per user's choice. FaceTime developers are making the app completely freeware, and suitable for Android and Windows system.

The PiP image on the screen during an ongoing video call allows the user to adjust his position in front of the camera. If the user is not interested in making a video call he can always opt for the voice calls through the FaceTime app. You can easily mute the audio during any interruption or varied reason during a video call. If you are on an important call and do not want others to disturb you then you can turn off your visibility. So friends, these were some the amazing features that define this app.

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We are sure that you must be excited to know how to get this app on your device. Though FaceTime App is constrained to iOS users, this does not mean that the Android and windows users cannot enjoy the video call interface like them. There are plenty of alternatives available in the Google Play Store and third party websites which provide tough competitive apps. Consider to read about these apps enlisted here as the best alternatives to FaceTime for Android or Windows or any other OS:.

Google Hangouts:. It is an Android native app packed with powerful features on its platform. It allows the users to engage a video call, voice call or instant text chat messages over the internet at no cost. The extra feature for this app is that users can engage in a group chat with at least 10 people all together at one time. Google Hangout recommends Wifi for is usage but with cellular data, it covers stronger data connection networks. With evolving time, this app has managed to consistently amaze its users with upgraded features.

Skype being the oldest of the applications and introductory to Windows live messenger is still undoubtedly in demand with the Android platform. Microsofts Skype is not a new thing for many people but has claimed the rightful tag as one of the best video calling application for mobile and PC.

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This app is considered better than the Apple's Facetime app as it allows better bandwidth when Skype is used with iPhone. This app emerged first as the audio and text messaging app. But eventually realized that it would have to add new features to sustain in the quickly evolving market of Android apps. Enter your password. You will be prompted for your password whether or not the app is free. Wait for your app to download. This may take some time. An icon should appear.

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Method 2. Search for the app you are interested in, or click Apps on the upper bar to browse popular apps. Enter your password when prompted and wait for the app to download. Plug in your iPod Touch. It should appear under "Devices" in the right sidebar. It will start syncing automatically.

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What do I do if I have the right password for my iPod, but it says it's wrong? Change it, or contact Apple if you think someone might have stolen your account info and changed it. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. You can contact Apple support, because your device may need to be updated or may have a technical problem. Unanswered Questions. What if I'm using iPod classic, will it download? Answer this question Flag as