Apple ios programming guide pdf

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Everyone Can Code

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Everyone Can Code - Apple (IN)

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We made a coding language for everyone.

We expose those classes publicly in order to give you hooks for customization as well as advanced control and performance optimization. Text selected by a user is a UI concept. For more info, see Section Text Handling. You can think of one provider corresponding to a single file on disk.

How to read Apple’s developer documentation

This allows you to treat multiple PDF files as a single document in cases where you need it. Many customers use this feature to split up large documents into individual files, say to download each part individually on demand. Anything related to a page is accessed via the document or a related object by passing a page index.

It allows you to:. In a PDF, text usually corresponds to glyphs positioned at an absolute location on a specific page.

So, what is code anyway?

Having the root outline element, you can walk the outline tree, get info, and perform operations on the outline elements, similar to how you would do it with PDFOutline. For more info, please consult the API reference.

Example book pages

We have an extensive guide covering all aspects of annotations: Annotations Guide. Searching can be triggered via calling searchForString: , which will start a search in a background queue. Implement PSPDFTextSearchDelegate on the receiving object and set the text search object's delegate to your object to be notified of search result updates. To learn more about our blazingly fast indexed full-text search, please take a look at the Indexed Full-Text Search guide.

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