Como hacer screen capture en samsung galaxy s3 mini

ADB is a versatile command line tool that allows you to communicate with your device and accomplish a host of different tasks from your computer, such as transferring data, recording the screen's output to a video file, and running powerful shell commands. ADB is, as the name suggests, used primarily as a debug tool for Android developers.

Thankfully, it is possible to download and install the specific tools that we need in just a few easy steps, on all major operating systems.

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Getting ADB to work on Windows has always been a bit of an annoying task. Thankfully, XDA forums user Snoop05 created an installer that massively simplifies the process, by installing ADB and Fastboot another useful tool , installing necessary device drivers, and adding these tools to your system PATH allowing them to be run from any folder via the command line into a second operation. Simply download and run the installer.

It will then ask if you want to install ADB system-wide—again, type "Y" and press enter.

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Next, it will ask if you want to install device drivers. Once again, type "Y" and press enter, which will open another installer for the drivers.


Simply click "Next" and allow the drivers to install. By far the easiest installation process of them all. On many Linux distros, you will only need to issue a single command from the terminal:. If for some reason that does not work, you may need to manually add a repository to APT, with this command:.

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Note: If you are using a flavor of Linux that does not use APT, you will need to look up the installation procedure for your specific package manager, though it should be fairly similar. First, you need to enable developer options on your device. You will now have Developer options available in the Settings menu. A popup box will appear that asks you to confirm your choice. Next, attach your device to your computer via a USB cable.

At this point you should get a popup that asks you if you would like to allow USB debugging from this computer.

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It will display your computer's RSA key fingerprint. Check the "Always allow from this computer" box and tap OK.

Capturar la pantalla con la mano en el Samsung Galaxy S3

You should see it list your device by its serial number with the word "device" next to it. If you do, ADB is properly configured and communicating with your device. If your device does not show up, you may have an issue with your drivers. Try completely uninstalling them in Device Manager and reinstalling.

Como hacer hard reset samsung galaxy s3 mini

If, instead of device, it says "unauthorized" next to your serial number, make sure that you clicked "OK" on both Allow USB debugging boxes. If you have, try disconnecting and reconnecting your USB cable.

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Use-case: Pushing a ROM on to your phone when copying it over normally is not possible, for example, if your current ROM won't boot and you are stuck in recovery. This would send a file called sample. This command copies a file called sample. If you see the menu in your screen, choose with volume buttons wipe datafactory reset and select with Power button.

Next confirm the operation by Power button.

A hard reset or master reset is the other method of resetting your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or any smartphone for that matter. Related Articles. You can do this from within the S3's Settings app, or you can use the System Recovery menu while the phone is powered.