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BackColor, Size, Caption, The Properties Window has 2 tabs wherein properties appear in Alphabetic order or are Categorized. Each property has 2 columns, on the left is the property's name and on the right is the property's value. The property name is a single word without spaces and it is this name that is used to access the property in vba code. In this example we create a UserForm and add the TextBox control. First we edit TextBox properties in the Properties Window. Select the TextBox in the UserForm, in the Properties Window select the BackColor property in the left column and then choose the yellow color in the right column and then press enter.

To change the Text property of the TextBox, select the Text property in the left column and then type "Hello" in the right column the default text is blank and then press enter. This will insert the text "Hello in the TextBox. Refer Image 3a which shows a TextBox before its properties are edited and Image 3b shows the TextBox after the changes.

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To do these changes with vba code:. Note that each worksheet has a code name and a sheet name as explained above: code name being the first name appearing outside the parentheses in Project Explorer while the sheet name ie. The code name of the selected worksheet appears to the right of Name in the Properties Window while the sheet name appears to the right of Name when you scroll down in the Properties Window.

By default, when a worksheet is added, the sheet name and code name are the same. You can change both the code name and the sheet name, but the code name can be changed only in the Properties window and not programatically with code. Both code name and sheet name can be used while writing code - using code name will safeguard and not affect the vba code if users change the sheet name. We show below how to use these names in vba code:. Using the code name of a worksheet - the following code inserts the text "hello" in cell A1 of the worksheet whose code name is Sheet Using the sheet name ie.

Referencing the first worksheet counting worksheet tabs left to right in the workbook, by index - the following code inserts the text "bye" in cell A1 of the first worksheet:. Worksheets 1. Menus and Toolbars:. Object drop-down Box and Procedure drop-down Box:. On top of the Code Window, there are two drop-down boxes - on the left is the Object box and on its right is the Procedure box.

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In the Object drop-down list you can select an object to work on viz. On selecting an Object, you can select the available event procedure of that object from the Procedure drop-down list viz. When you are only working with code, the Object box displays 'General' which is the default object and the Procedure box contains a list of the existing individual macros or procedures within the active module under the 'Declarations' heading. The Immediate Window:. You can type the code and then press enter to execute, which enables immediate evaluation of the statement, method or procedure.

The Locals Window:. The Locals Window is used in VBE as a debugging tool, and it automatically displays the name, value and type for all declared variables in the current procedure and updates the variables' values while the code is executed. The Watch Window:.

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The Watch Window is used in VBE as a debugging tool, and allows you to see and monitor the current value of a variable or expression, whose name, value, type and context are displayed in the Window. You need to specifically add a variable or expression to the Watch window which you want to monitor, unlike in the Locals Window where all the variables in the current procedure are displayed automatically.

The Watch window displays automatically on adding a variable or expression to the Watch window. Excel contains both built-in command bars, and custom command bars which have been added by a user. Each command bar can further contain additional command bars and controls. The Controls collection contains all controls on a command bar - use the Controls property of the CommandBar object to return a CommandBarControls object, which is a collection of CommandBarControl objects and refers to all the controls on the command bar.

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    It would be greatly appreciated. April 12, at am. Hello, Anyone who can assist me to provide a vba code on how to generate a responses that will be consolidated to another worsheet. April 27, at pm. May 5, at pm. PAVAN says:. May 6, at pm. Hello, I want a code which is used to cut the rows having the red color and paste in another sheet and when color changes to white should transfer to same sheet online spread sheets. Lindsay says:. May 11, at pm. Delmar says:. May 22, at pm. Anestazia says:. June 26, at am.

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    Karunarathna says:. November 25, at am. Abrar Ahmed says:. January 11, at pm. ExHell says:. February 17, at am. I only need to remove carrigae returns in 1 column in my case Column H. How can I define the range to be H, and not the whole sheet? Saurabh Kulkarni says:. February 18, at am. Code: ActiveWorkBook.


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