Ringtone wont play on iphone 3gs

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How to Fix iPhone Ringtones Not Working after iOS 12/11 Update

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: rheffner5 rheffner5. Question: Q: Question: Q: assigned ringtones won't play For several weeks now all my contacts with assigned ringtones both those that came with the phone and those that I bought won't play. Even though the contact shows an assigned ringtone, the default actually plays.

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I re-synched the phone and turned it off and on, but they still won't play. This was a problem for a while with my first iPhone, but only recently started with my 3Gs that I've had for about 6 months. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Jan 31, PM in response to rheffner5 In response to rheffner5 Go to contacts and select contact.

Choose Ringtone and tap a ringtone that you desire for that specific contact it should have a checkmark next to it. Now have that contact call you and it should play the ringtone assigned. If that does not work then I would suggest syncing all of your information to the computer for backup and then restore the iPhone as new and then sync back all of your information and test.

View answer in context. Feb 9, AM in response to rheffner5 In response to rheffner5 I am bedeviled by the same problem.

Iphone ringtone from email attachment

I have a three-month old iPhone and a MobileMe account. I sync the phone via MobileMe, not by connecting it to my iMac and using iTunes. I poked around with it last night and got it working again; exactly what step in all the fussing about I did got it working is what I am now trying to figure out. I have learned, but constantly forget, if something goes wrong with a computing device once, chances are it's going to happen again so save any solutions to any problems: you'll either need them yourself or can help out someone with the same problem.

I am exploring if this problem isn't somehow connected to the address books on our iPhones. So we can eliminate this as a solution. Stay with me. Here is where I get lost. I powered my iPhone off then powered it back on.

Iphone ringtones won't sync from PC | MacRumors Forums

Go back to Groups, to All contacts and tap it; it leads me to a listing of my contacts and I have double entries for every one. I got rid of this once, but here it is, back again, dammit. It was in here where I was poking around when I got things working.

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Anyone get any ideas from all of this as to where to go next for a fix? Gunni's Bob. Loading page content. User profile for user: iphone3Gguy iphone3Gguy. Jan 30, PM in response to rheffner5 In response to rheffner5 Trying playing the ringtones all the way through in iTunes on your computer. Sync ringtones with your computer after deauthorize and authorize of your computer.

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How to Copy Tones and Ringtones to iPhone and iPad in iTunes 12.7+

Jan 31, PM in response to iphone3Gguy In response to iphone3Gguy I tried this and synched the phone, but it still plays the default ringtone for all incoming calls. I can change the default, but only the default plays. Thanks for the suggestion. Feb 2, PM in response to rheffner5 In response to rheffner5 I tried resetting and restoring the iPhone, but no improvement.

The ringtones are all there, including the few that I added. The problem is that even though different ringtones are assigned to about a dozen contacts, the default ringtone is the one that plays. Today I noticed that my iPhone can't play the custom ringtones in iOS I am unable to set a custom ringtone for specific contacts. I set different custom ringtones for my family members. Now these ringtones all become the default one instead of the particular ringtone I set for them when they call me.

Please help me if you have any suggestions! Installation of a new iOS is not always a smooth process, there are some issues that come while installing or after the process is complete. Regrading the problem this user has met, we found some other iPhone users also complained that they can't set a song as the default ringtone for all coming calls.

If iPhone won't play personalized ringtones in iOS 11, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below that we have gathered for you. If iPhone won't play personalized ringtones in iOS 11, downloading the purchased ringtones again can help you. Here are the steps for doing this. When done with the first fix and got no help, make sure to force quit the Phone app and the Settings app. This way may help you if iPhone can't play custom ringtones in iOS The steps are given below. Try to change the ringtone you have assigned to a particular contact if your iPhone won't play custom ringtones in iOS Go along the steps listed below to perform this method.

Try resetting all your settings if your iPhone can't play custom ringtones in iOS Here are the steps to perform this method. For this, we recommend you iMyFone D-Back which is a popular and powerful data recovery tool and is completely compatible with iOS The tool is trusted by millions of users and media sites like Macworld and Makeuseof.

If you want to fix touch ID not working, please check this post. If you want to fix WiFi grayed out problem, please check this post. If you want to fix iTunes errors like error code , please check this post. Now connect your device to the PC and choose "Standard Mode". The program will automatically give you the latest and suitable firmware. Step 4 — Now, in the end, click on "Start to Fix" button and the program will start fixing your device and the issue.

Those were some of the fixes that you need to try when your iPhone won't play personalized ringtones in iOS We hope that your device is now able to play custom ringtones and you are happy using your device.