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Now the fun part would be to turn this into a decent testing framework for Excel…. Have a comment or a question? Ping me on Twitter , or use the comments section! Figuring things out, one model at a time. Excel" open System open Microsoft.

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Excel Console. WriteLine "Press [Enter] to start" Console. Range "Revenue" revenueCell. Range "Cost" costCell. Value2 Console.

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WriteLine "Check profit calculations" Console. Close false , false , Type. Missing excel. Open workbookPath, 0 , false , 5 , " " , " " , false , Excel. The following is the list of parameters that are passed to the function: WorkBooks. Worksheets; Now that you have the collection of Worksheets , you must get an individual sheet edit data within. Worksheet excelSheets. Now that you have the sheet you are ready to access individual cells with the following code: Excel. Range excelWorksheet. Narsters Software Developer Senior. First Prev Next Good one,really helpful venubattini Jul Member 2-Feb Member Oct DilipSutariya 5-May TopDawg Dawg Mar Member Mar Terence Wallace Nov You ain't gonna need it.

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Open an Excel Workbook in C# console application

United States. First Prev Next. Good one,really helpful venubattini Jul Very Well Expained nkit Bajpai Apr Good article. Issue with Microsoft. Excel assembly on windows R2 server. Member Our task is , we need to run the excel macro through programatically.

In local environment it was working fine, when we follow the below Steps:- 1 Microsoft. Application ; 2 Microsoft. Open " FilePath" , Type. Missing, Type.

How to resolve Excel.Application.Workbooks.Open failing when called from WCF Service?

Missing ; 3 appExcel. Missing ; Note:- On localhost everything is working fine and the macro is getting executed. But the functionality is not working as expected when hosted in IIS version 7. After doing these changes we are able to create instance of Interop.

096 - How to open an Excel file in C#

But we could not open the workbook. After changing the value to " The interactive user" we are able to open the workbook. But we could not run the macro. For this folder properties, in the security tab we have created user IUSR and given full control. Now we are able to run the macro and getting the desired output even when running the application on IIS hosted site. Microsoft Office is not completely installed in production server. Only Excel software was installed on the server. We are getting null reference exception at below line of code.

Missing ; Our production server is running on windows R2. Could any one please suggest the right way to resolve this issue. This might be interesting here: dietmar paul schoder Jul C How To Read. Re: This might be interesting here: Member Oct Try this simple.. C Excel Tutorial Lethal. Re: This might be interesting here: dietmar paul schoder Oct No, it might not be intresitng.

It is the Interop bullshit. Get Error in this code DilipSutariya 5-May How to get cells from multiple sheets where sheet names are unknown? Great TopDawg Dawg Mar TopDawg Dawg. Worked first time in vs Thanks alot. Open sF, Type. Missing ; Excel. Sheets objSheets; Excel. Object[,] range. Value ;.

Terence Wallace. Is there an reason why you prefer to use InterOp? You can use a free and open source alternative library like SpreadSheetLight to manipulate an Excel spreadsheet.