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Is It Your Type? Body The Three S's. T-Mobile scores the best version of the Samsung Galaxy S II with its large display, faster processor, and zippier wireless data radio. But those aren't the only noteworthy features of this superlative smartphone. While most major carriers are offering a Samsung Galaxy S II, T-Mobile pulled a quick one on its carrier competitors by scoring two major spec jumps in its variant of the Galaxy S II: it has a faster processor and a much faster wireless radio. Aside from these two advantages, however, does the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II offer anything its siblings don't?

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Here are our initial impressions. Confusingly, they will both bear the name "Galaxy S II", but will have different specs, including different screen sizes. Aug 28, Samsung today said that it would fight Apple's request to ban its products in the U. Comments This forum is closed.

Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Cases

The Note10 is a huge update to the Note series. It now comes in two sizes, the design is truly all-screen, and a number of features have been removed to make room for new ones. The ZenFone 6 is the latest flagship phone from Asus. As such, it includes the expected amenities like a top-end Snapdragon chip and an edge-to-edge screen, in a premium metal-and-glass design. Its HD screen has a small notch, it supports fast charging of the large 4, mAh battery, and it has 4GB of RAM, so there's substance behind the style. Very affordable phones with huge screens have been a relatively popular segment in the US in recent years.

ZTE used to address this market well. The only successful modular phone system to date, Motorola's z series is still going strong.

Recommended Samsung Galaxy S III T-Mobile (SGH-T999) Pouches

The new Moto z4 brings updated specs and design while maintaining compatibility with existing Moto Mods. Both series of cases include the same button covers, which I found easy to find and press when not looking at my phone when taking it out of my pocket, for example. Doing away with the added bumper, the back of the Legion is almost entirely covered in plastic TPU to be exact. The Caseology Coastline case is for someone who wants protection but wants to see the color and design of the S8.

The Coastline is a clear case that looks more like a bumper, with added protection for the back of the phone as well. A single line of color wraps around the back of the case, with Orchid Gray and Frost Gray available from Caseology. The Fairmont Series case hugs the back of the S8, with little protection to the front of the phone. Cutouts for the buttons, microSD slot, and bottom ports are present. The Fairmont case is my favorite out of the Caseology cases I tested for the simple reason that it gets out of the way, but still protects my phone from the occasional drop.

Both cases are reinforced in the corners and feel sturdy when holding your phone. I particularly like the way UAG has customized the button covers. Most cases use cover buttons with a material similar to the side of the case itself, sometimes making it hard to distinguish between the case and, say, the power button.

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A panel inside the flap doubles as a wallet, with enough room to hold a credit or debit card and an ID card. My concern with the Metropolis case is how the front cover is connected to the case when opened. The DualPro is far from bulky but gives the impression that it will protect your device from drops from your desk or when getting out off the car and it goes skidding across the parking lot.

A rubberized grip with lines throughout wraps around the edges of the Octane case, with the back of the case having a smooth finish. The buttons on either side of the phone are covered by the case. Lacking any layered protection, either case is still capable of taking a drop. The sole difference between the two models is that the NGP Advanced boasts a textured back, making it easier to grip whereas the standard NGP is smooth from edge to edge.

The buttons on either case stick out slightly from the edge of the case making them easy to find and press. The back of the case is covered in fabric, as opposed to some variant of rubber, silicone or both. The Evo Check reminds me more of an inexpensive silicone case I used to have for a BlackBerry Pearl, only the Evo Check is sturdier and more expensive. Available in four different colors, each one is slightly transparent and has a diamond pattern to add a bit of flair to the look.

This case has a unique design in that you can use it with or without the cover, which also acts as a place to hold your credit cards and ID. The front cover is firmly held in place when the case is closed. Each case is sturdy and offers a decent grip—especially the Grip model, of course.

The buttons on the cases have a little bit of play if not pressed in the middle, and that can get annoying over time. All in all, Speck delivered the same experience it always has with these cases. That is to say, those who like Speck products will feel right at home. Using a two piece design, the High Pro Shield is made primarily of polycarbonate with a TPU bumper—par for the course with most cases of this style.

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Meaning, I can press down on either side, and the case comes away from the phone itself. The plastic sides of the case come up a bit further than the screen, meaning you can set your phone face down and not worry about scratching it. It reminds me a lot of the UAG cases we covered earlier in the roundup, in that it has an industrial look to it.

AccessoryGeeks T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Black/Hot Pink Silicone Over Hard Case Product Review

The back is multi-textured and feels slick, with the sides adding grip to the case. The case is made of two parts, as nearly the entire back comes off of the internal portion of the case. The Damda Glide and Damda Folder series are two different takes on how a wallet smartphone case should work.

The Glide is the most familiar, with a horizontal sliding panel on the back of the case that reveals your cards. That said, I think the Damda Glide does a phenomenal job of minimizing added thickness while providing another feature. Inside the cover, there are three slots for cards and IDs, as well as a larger section for miscellaneous paper and perhaps some cash.

Remember when bumpers were all the rage? Well, then you never bought an iPhone 4. For someone who wants to protect the new S8 without covering up the design, the Crystal Bumper delivers. Griffin Survivor Clear and Survivor Strong both feel like premium cases without the same price tag. Both finishes are smooth, but not to the point where you will worry about the S8 slipping out of your hand.

Weird name for a decent case, right? Consisting of three pieces, the Unicorn Beetle Pro case has a rubber bumper, a shell, and a holster. As a testament to its durability, I had a heck of a time taking apart the bumper and the shell. I bent the bumper to the point where I expected it to break, and yet it survived and was installed on my phone a few snaps later. That was after watching an installation video Supcase made for users. The plain black model is a couple of dollars cheaper than colored versions of this case, with yet another version including a screen protector that adds a bit more to the price.

Disappointingly, however, after purchasing the case and taking it out of the packaging I realized it shipped with small scratches on the corners of the case. A smartphone case with a kickstand is pretty neat, or at least the idea of one is. The Spigen Slim Armor case has a metal kickstand that folds out from the back of the case, propping up your phone for a Netflix binge or video calls. Included with the case is a little pamphlet informing you not to worry if the kickstand comes out of the case, as it can easily be reattached.

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Wanna know a secret? Outside of doing so when required for work, I never use a case on my smartphones. Teams of people worked hard to get a phone to look the way it does, especially the Galaxy S8, and I want to let it shine. But, I may be changing my mind. I ordered the Maxboost mSnap case off Amazon and have yet to take it off my personal S8. The back of the case has an attractive design that reminds me of a Transformer due to the logo and the dashboard of a car. However, the case is far from tight on the S8 and is very easy to pull away from the phone.

Otterbox is a brand name synonymous with cases that are built like a tank.

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  • Most notably, the Defender Series case. The Defender Series for the S8 has three different pieces, not including the belt holster. The case itself is made of leather and feels comfortable in my hand. The ports are open, and when the case is open, the same magnetic clasp lines up to keep the front panel out of your way. That said, the Strada Folio is a solid case that happens to offer Otterbox-style protection. The Commuter features a two-tier design, with a rubber insert that you put on the phone and a heavy duty plastic back.

    The ports on the bottom are protected, which can be annoying to deal with if you are always plugging headphones or a USB-C cable into the case. The Symmetry case is the lesser-equipped sibling to the Commuter and Defender Series, in that it forgoes separate layers of protection.

    Out of the two, Commuter is going to offer a bit more protection, while Symmetry is going to be lighter and easier to manage on a daily basis. For those who loathe cases but still want a layer of protection, no matter how small, precision-cut skins are a good option. It doesn't offer any real impact protection, but you'll protect your phone from scratches without changing its shape.

    Dbrand skins sent me a few samples of their S8 and S8 Plus skins. I only received the back panel, but the company also makes pieces to cover above and below the display, as well as around the camera lens. Here, watch this YouTube video that lays out the process. You see the irony here, right? After I got over my fears, I applied the skin and am rather pleased with how it came out.

    At first glance, the ExoShield Tough Snap-On looks to be a standard two-piece case, with a black bumper-like portion and then a clear back. Also, the corners are a bit boxy, though that will presumably help it absorb a crash landing. Out of all the Olixar cases on this list, the X-Duo delivers the best bang for your buck. The case is made of two parts: A hard plastic bumper surrounds the edges of the S8 and a soft shell covers the back.

    The case forgoes any complicated installation process, with the S8 snapping in without any fuss or multiple steps. Unlike other S8 cases, the X-Duo has separate cutouts for the fingerprint sensor, camera lens, and flash, thus making the fingerprint sensor a little easier to find by feel. Made of two pieces, the Olixar ArmourDillo offers an added layer of protection without breaking your bank account.