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To make things easy for you, we have created a list of 30 best offline games for iPhones and iPads in that you can pay without data or WiFi, and we have also added a brief description of what to expect from each of. Solitaire never gets old. This strategic game has been through the ages, right from the era of personal computers. The Solitaire iOS game features daily challenges for every new day. The objective is to win the challenge, but if you find it difficult to win, you can use the winning deal feature or the customizable options to make things interesting.

Once you pass the challenges, you will be rewarded with crowns and trophies.

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You can play as a single player or multiple players with friends or a random programmed AI. You can also choose themes for Rainy Day, Spring, Christmas, and many others. The game comes with a super interactive graphics with a truckload of features to keep you entertained. There are different ultra-fast and powerful cars for smashing your way through over 40 race tracks that you can unlock in Archase mode.

The best iPhone games currently available (August 12222)

To make things even more interesting, the creators added a multiplayer feature that allows you to play with more than 10 players. Other features include upgrades that allow you to customize and upgrade your cars and unlocking new locations; and extensions such as unique game modes, mastery challenges, career events, and many more.

This free offline game features high interactive graphics with realistic animations to give you an exciting experience. You will build your team from scratch and design your own stadium just how you want it. Badland 2 combines both action and adventure to give players joyful gaming experience. The game is one of the products of Frogmind Games and was released in December The game requires you to guide a small black shadow character through obstacles, such as machines in the jungle until it gets to its destination. Although the first Plants vs Zombies 2 game recorded massive success, it had a few setbacks.

However, the second release, Plants vs. Zombies 2 changed everything. You can download this game on your iOS and play offline for free. Crossy Road is an arcade game that requires you the character to jump your way through the busy roads of the street without dying. While the default character of this game is an 8-bit chicken, you have the option to select from the available characters. This iOS game is addictive, and you will love regardless of your age. Shadow Fight 2 is an arcade fighting game designed for players who love Martial Arts games.

This game features black and white realistic 3D characters that contrast the beautiful background colors. Players can choose from a range of weapons in the shop, and the ninjas are equipped with different fighting skills. Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best free offline iOS fighting games we have seen. Six Guns : Gang Showdown is an interesting action adventure game that sends cowboys players on missions to fight the supernatural in an open Wild West land.

You are going to battle against enemies like thieves, vampires and other crazy magical creatures while trying to avoid getting killed or outnumbered. The Six Guns features 40 missions with each having a unique task to complete. There are 8 different horses, 19 weapons, ammo, clothes, and other useful items which you need to unlock for your adventure. Book a Free Consultation. Love unraveling mysteries and death cases? Criminal Case is the perfect game for you.

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This game requires you to investigate and solve different crime cases by questioning suspects, finding clues, and collect information to fish out the real criminal. Once you gather enough data and hints, you have to analyze them to provide strong evidence against the culprit. You will also have to interrogate them and some witnesses leaving no stone unturned.

This free iOS game made it to our list of top offline games as it unleashes your detective and problem-solving skills. This one is those who love decorating and baking cakes and delicious bread, cookies, and snacks. Bakery Town is a free game for iPhones and iPads that allows you to create your own bakery shop where you can prepare sweet cakes to attract more customers. You can offer milkshakes, coffee, and tea to customers as they eat your yummy delights.

As you continue to grow your customer base, you can employ professional chefs to help you with your business. Bakery Town is a great iOS game that you can play offline, and you will love it if you like baking. Judging from its name, Fashion Design World offline game for iPad is designed for fashion lovers who would like to create different designers clothes. This game allows players to build a fashion shop or boutique where they can manufacture clothes with the various tools available in the shop and then sell to customers.

This is one of the most intensifying racing offline games for iOS. Real Racing 3 was released in , and it offers players real sensation like they are driving real cars. Although while you can enjoy this game offline without an internet connection, you need data if you want to play in multiplayer mode. Real Racing 3 has recorded over million downloads. It features 40 circuits at 18 different real-world animated locations and more than powerful cars from leading manufacturers like Audi, Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, etc.

This is a strategic card game that you can play with family and friends.

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Participate and keep winning different tournaments and task to hold your position on the ranking. You can even search for apps in Spotlight Search without opening the App Store directly. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated March 07, Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our. Toy Story Drop! There are also a bunch of Easter eggs to discover and Playset pieces to collect. Collect heroes and build up your Brotherhood by upgrading equipment and adding rooms.

You can also infiltrate Templar Strongholds, and join up with other Assassin Brotherhoods in special time-limited events. All hail El Presidente!

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A PC gaming staple, Tropico puts you in the shoes of a freshly elected leader of an undeveloped Caribbean island. Ever wanted a game that let you punch dinosaurs? Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the biggest survival games on any platform you care to name, and you can now get your fill of the dinosaur-punching action on iOS phones from the iPhone 7 onward.

Access to the game is free, but you can pay for faster progress by purchasing various passes. More money allows you to buy more serving stations, a manager to move your money to the safe, new coffee types, and upgrades to make the whole process faster. The game will generate passive income in the background, and tapping just makes the process faster. But if you, like us, are nostalgic for the old days of Runescape , with its Grand Dragons, fish cooking, and ore mining, then you just need to download Old School Runescape on your iPhone.

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Some games aim to tell vast, epic stories. Others try to pluck your heartstrings. King of Crabs has you hit other crabs over the head in a bid to become the biggest crab. Battle up to 99 other players on the island as you climb up the ranks, collect new crabs, and customize them with items and weaponry. For the best gameplay experience, make sure to have Crab Rave playing in the background. Go head-to-head and face-to-face with your friends and players from all around the world in Hyperspeed. At its core, Hyperspeed is a fast-paced, but simple racing game.

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Avoid the walls, grab the pick-ups, and try to be the fastest on local and global leaderboards. You can complement your looks with the GameFaces, or hide yourself completely with a mask if you prefer. Trapped in the darkness, you visualize your surroundings by reflecting the sounds you make off surfaces — like sonar.

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  • The twist? But be warned — every choice has its consequences, and you must be careful whose favor you curry and whose you curdle. An arena shooter from the folks behind Clash Royale , Boom Beach , and Clash of Clans , Brawl Stars invites you into arena battles against other players. By playing more, players will be able to unlock new characters with unique skills, as well as new skins for their existing characters. Matches take a few minutes, making it great for whenever you need to kill a little time. While you do need an internet connection, Fortnite on mobile lets you compete in a player game as you attempt to claim the title of last one standing.

    You follow the titular Old Man as he travels across the country, aiding him along the way by altering the hills and landscapes in front of him and interacting with the objects and people he meets.