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The user or the system administrator can use the. To do this, use one of the following methods:. NOTE The command installs the certificate for all users on the device. TIP The user will see the following message if they haven't registered their account. After the user signs in to your account using Outlook Web App, the user should sign out, and then try to connect using Windows 8 Mail.

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The autodiscover doesn't work, at least when using SRV records. The testexchangeconnectivity. Non administrators cannot proceed when there are policies set password required policies the app informs you the user needs to be an administrator to continue, which is a little strange. Surely a non admin should be able to hookup their email etc. It would be better a lot easier if you could set Exchange not to apply policies to Windows8 devices.

Same question as Alginald, does the Windows 8 Mail Client work with client certificate-based authentication? This is a great article, very helpfull. The only thing I'm missing is: where can we find the logfiles to further troubleshoot issues? It doesn't work with our Exchange server. Going to www. Our mobile devices work, but not Windows 8 mail. I don't care about the syncing settings stuff, this makes absolutely no sense and makes distributing a device with these apps difficult.

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I don't care that Messages doesn't work because all I want in Mail and Calendar is my Exchange account! The Windows 8 Mail app is no good. It is constantly having problems synching to Exchange in our company. By far the most complained about Modern UI app. It doesn't handle multiple mailboxes well, especially the notifications. Windows 8 mail is making all of us in IT look bad.

On the flip side, the Outlook application looks like all the color was removed and the 3d effects are gone. The integrated search is now missing and the notifications are non-interactive. Basically the Windows 8 mail app is too basic and doesn't appear to work. The new full Outlook client looks like a major step backwards as well.

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We're forced to stick with Windows 7 and Outlook for now. It forces me to use an account I don't want to use just to set up my mail. How can we get around this limitation? Can someone put this article into plain English? I can't get my Surface device to connect to my Exchange service, but I can't understand this article.

Both ports TCP, but you don't need to specify that when configuring Mail. This article is meant for IT pros to support Windows 8 Mail in organizations. There are plenty of other great. AM: Most organizations don't allow unmanaged devices devices with no policies. Exchange ActiveSync policies are applied to mailbox users and thus applicable to all. EAS devices your users use. You can't exempt a specific device from EAS policies. You can use device access rules to allow, block or quarantine devices. If you want to allow devices to connect without restrictions, you can modify the EAS policy applicable to users - the default EAS policy if you haven't created any custom policies to disable most settings.

I'm still confused.

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I have no idea what you mean when you say "port ". Are you on another planet? You might as well be speaking Latin. It should be using "Active Synch". It should not be prompting for a certificate either. So, how do I fix it? All I want to do is get our Exchange mail application to work with my Windows Surface tablet I bought. But it does not work with your own surface device.

Plain English please: This blog is for IT pros and this post states the target audience it's a technical post. End-users may find the technical details confusing. You should have your IT folks read this to get the info they need to support Windows 8 Mail users. See the articles linked in "What else do I need to know?

We are having the same problems as everyone else. We are on the verge of completely banning all Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. They are proving to be a complete pain all around. Much more difficult to manage than Windows 7. Mail 8 is having problems connecting to Exchange. I get the same "unable to connect ensure the information is correct" whenever I try to get a users RT device to connect, but their iPhone works perfectly.

We've never had any issues with connecting to Exchange until Windows Mail 8. That's the only application or device with problems. Are you seeing the same issue in Mail? Metro e-mail has to be the worst programmed, most basic e-mail application ever. It is embarrassing. To launch this travesty as the defacto e-mail client for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices is really just spitting in your users faces. If you have no account configured it just opens up with a blank white screen and you have to somehow figure out that you need to select the charms option.

Finally, it doesn't connect to Exchange even with service pack 2 and the latest rollup 4 version 2 applied. A whale of a fail. Even Pine is better than the Metro e-mail client. At least Pine works. It also seems that one cannot change the reply from e-mail address in Windows 8 Mail. I'm forced to reply using my Hotmail address and cannot change it to my business address. I have to copy the whole message and create a new one if I want to reply from a different e-mail address. This is not a good utility. Still waiting for a reply regarding certificate-based authentication.

Or will this question be "safely ignored", as nobody tested it, so nobody knows? At least let us know if it may be available in a future update of the Mail App, it's not rocket science. My iPad does the same running iOS 6. Mail doesn't appear to be able to connect at all.

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Did anyone test this before releasing it? Is there an update coming soon that will fix this problem? Alginald and others who asked about certificate-based authentication in Windows 8 Mail: The Windows Mail team is validating this. We'll update this post when we hear back. My personal experience - I've tried it many times with different Exchange servers in different on-premises Orgs and in Exchange Online. I haven't had any issue at all connecting or syncing. You may need to contact Support to get help with a specific issue.

Any news on that? None of the steps above work for me. I cannot get the Metro mail client to connect to Exchange. Outlook works too. The only tool that does not work is Metro mail. It doesn't appear to work for me either. Whatever the case, I cannot get it to work.

Metro mail does not work for our configuration. Also, can you clarify why we have to set up a separate Hotmail account to get Metro mail to set up a business profile? As stated in the Microsoft Accounts section in this post:. Bharat Suneja: That's all fine and dandy, but why? Why do I need a Microsoft account to use an e-mail application to connect to my Exchange server? I don't see any explanation being offered as to why this is a requirement, nor how it helps me in any way to now have to manage two accounts in Metro to use the application.

Is Microsoft tracking my e-mails or harvesting data from my device? I can see no other reason for this requirement other than Microsoft wants to snoop on my activities. It always says "This PC can't meet the security requirements We require device encryption, passwords, and do not all non provisionable devices. Robert Miner: The post does explain what the Microsoft account is used for, but your and others' feedback on making this optional and not a requirement has been passed on to the Windows Mail team.

Your privacy concerns are valid, but you can't be serious about the snooping question! Microsoft has one of the best records as far as privacy is concerned. See the Microsoft Privacy site microsoft. Yes, I am very serious about the snooping thing. After realizing I can't connect my Metro mail to my Exchange server both of which are Microsoft products , I say anything goes at this point.

I have no idea why you'd require a separate log on unless you were using the data from it. Otherwise, you are inconveniencing every single person using the mail app for no reason whatsoever. I have to agree with Robert. What is the reasoning behind making people sign in with a Microsoft Account?

Sounds very much like Google, and we know how Google are with their information Windows 8 Default should be to set up the system with a local account and then the user can choose if they want to convert this to an Online account, not the other way around. Does anyone know how to get this to work? Selecting individual e-mails is a complete pain in the ass. I'm finding that all of the Metro apps are complete pains in the ass and lack even basic features. Beyond confused! Set up email in Windows 8 Mail. Mail: Frequently asked questions. Thanks for the info, but I'm still confused.

The "set up email in Windows 8 Mail" referenced doesn't contain a single screen shot or anything. I'm lost about 8 paragraphs into it. The "Mail: Frequently asked questions" reference only contains 6 things which do not apply. Is there not a simple, easy to understand method with screenshots and an absolutely "idiot proof" way to set things up and make them work? I've read carefully through all of the above. I'm not a sysadmin, so it's a bit tough for me to follow when you state things like "Exchange ActiveSync I have not a clue what that means.

What I do know is that both myself and our sysadmins have been working for about 4 hours now to get my new 64GB Surface to work with our mail exchange software.

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We continually get a failure to sync error when connecting Windows 8 Mail. We cannot get past this point. Our sysadmins are unwilling to allow me to import a certificate. They state that this is not required on Apple or Google devices, so why is Microsoft requiring this extra step? As a third question, why am I being required to enter an outlook. None of the sysadmins can figure out why this is required. Again, this does not occur on Apple or Google devices, so why on a Microsoft device? Incoming e-mail server This is the incoming email server for your account. User name This is your full email address, for example, tony contoso.

Password This is the password for your email account. These settings can be used if you are using the latest version of Office Outlook email accounts include outlook. If your email account is the type that requires registration, you must register it the first time you sign in to Outlook on the Web. Connecting to your email account through a mobile phone will fail if you haven't registered your account through Outlook on the Web.

After you sign in to your account, sign out. Then try to connect using your mobile phone. If you don't accept the policies sent to your mobile phone, you won't be able to access your information on your mobile phone. Set up email on Windows Phone Office Have a different plan? Choose your account type: Outlook. Use Google for Gmail, Yahoo! Then add the password you use to sign into your email and tap Sign in. Syncing emails and calendar may take a few minutes. And you're done! Enter this: Account name This is a descriptive name for your account. Select Sign in. Sign in to your account using Outlook on the Web.

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