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Stand and Type Case for Galaxy Note Pro 12.2/Tab Pro 12.2 - Black

I don't know if it's a bad type of plastic but the rounded corners to match the corners of the tablet and hold it in the case start to chip. After the corners chip out enough it will no longer hold the tablet and it falls out. I've only had these cases for less than 3 months. At this point I recommend do not buy this product.

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I gave this product only one star because it doesn't last very long. The style and design are excellent but I don't want to have to buy a new one every 3 months. This is an awesome case! I like that you have to slide the tablet into this cover, which means there is no chance of it "popping" out or "falling" out of the case. The materials used to make the case are great as well, and it doesn't feel "cheaply" made what-so-ever. The color and texture of the case is very nice as well.

The inside of the case has a microsuede feel to it, so no hard plastic rubbing against the tablet screen. I like that there is a strap for you to put your hand under to help you hold the tablet, since this tablet is pretty hefty. The flap in the back that you slide the edge of the cover under to make the cover itself into a stand is fairly stiff and doesn't feel like it's going to "rip" "tear" or "break off" any time soon.

Access to S-pen, charging port, SD slot, power button, volume, speaker, and headphone port, are all easily accessible and not covered in any way. There is also an extra pen elastic holder on the side of the case I have not utilized it.

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The rear facing camera does -not- have a cover over it, however, since the case itself is decently thick, the camera sits recessed and has no way of being damaged unless some effort to do so is applied. I have had this cover for well over 6 months now, and have absolutely zero complaints. It was a great purchase and well worth the price I paid for it! I'm happy with this cover, which I bought after researching a zillion of them, ones I could afford at the time.

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It has held up well, no problems with it at all. I would only warn that the tab on the back to hold the tablet in a horizontal position needs to have a little velcro or someone it because the cover comes right out of it. I just solve that issue by stretching the elastic band around the bottom of the cover to hold it in place. I find this cover to be well made and although I don't think it passes for real leather up close, it does look nice and the color is fun. I'd buy another if needed.

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Again with the lousy Amazon page!!! Depending on which color you pick, you may or may not be getting the cover I got from the vendor I bought from at the price I paid. I bought this for my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro I love it. It fits my tablet perfectly. The holes are in all the right places.

It can be done but not all that quickly. All the other holes are perfect. The stylus is particularly easy to get to. Flip it closed, it sleeps. Flip it open, it wakes up. I bought this specifically for a couple features and got one added one. The one I wasn't expecting is the elastic strap that took a minute for me to figure out what it was for. Well when you fold the cover open all the way, you slip it under the elastic and it keeps the cover open.

You can also flip it over to the other side and it will help keep the cover closed although that really isn't necessary. The magnets that keep it closed are quite strong. I was hoping I could stand this on end since the tablet rotates to any direction. That doesn't really work. You can do it but the cover really isn't designed for that. It leans a little and yet the angle is straight up and down so it's not at a reading angle.

I really wanted the strap on the inside of the cover that when you fold the cover back, you can slip your hand under the strap so you don't drop the tablet. If you use this, then you need to turn the tablet one way or the other whichever way is best for you because the strap is not centered and, in spite of the tablet being light, a few minutes holding it like that and it feels much heavier. In short, not nearly as useful as I thought it would be.

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The tab that keeps the cover open and tilted is stiff. I have to hold it up a little to slide the edge of the cover under it. I have to take the tablet out of the cover to attach it to the Samsung keyboard which was sold separately from the tablet. But, the keyboard does not have to be attached to work so you can prop the tablet up in it's cover and set the keyboard in front of it which is a better angle anyway.

The keyboard will not fit in this cover in any way. You must carry the tablet separately. I am not overly impressed with the keyboard. This is not leather. It is vinyl and not a thick vinyl either but it seems reinforced at the important places and I really don't see any real stress points that would tear easily. It is hard there is something in between the vinyl that makes it hard so it isn't flopping all over the place which would put stress on the folding part at least.

I only bought this 2 months ago and I don't actually take my tablet very often so I can't say for sure but I think it will hold up nicely. The charging and headphone ports within the Defender series case are protected by silicon plugs that keep out unwanted dust and grit. With every Defender case comes a detachable plastic holster with a belt clip. This allows you to attach it firmly to your clothing or belt for easy access and the smooth ratcheting motion of the clip also allows the holster to double as a landscape viewing stand for your Galaxy Tab Pro Mobile Zap.

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    Triple-layer toughened protective shell Silicone port plugs Built-in stand for viewing convenience Screen protection built in the protect your devices screen. Description Rugged multi-layered case withstands heavy impact damage Designed to provide ultimate protection for your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Built-in screen protector prevents scratches Built within the polycarbonate interior of the case is a thermal-formed screen protector with an anti-fingerprint coating.

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