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It stood for Regent—perhaps the name of a landmark hotel or theater nearby? A good place to look for old phone exchange signs around the city is near service elevators. This one was spotted in east midtown around 35th Street. If we knew the name of the elevator company, we could figure out which one. But alas, no trace of the name could be found. Like its counterparts in the South Village, Carroll Gardens, and the North Bronx, the long-established Italian neighborhood in East Williamsburg , with its old-school shops and storefronts, is shrinking.

And Caffe Capri! I love the mermaid crest on the left. This is what the sign looks like without the last bit cut off it reads pastry, expresso, cappuccino.

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Grande Monuments is a wonderful sign on its own. OR was for Orchard, later Oregon, according to this old phone exchange chart. These signs are probably at least 50 years old, as the two-letter exchanges were phased out in the s. They no longer use the LOngacre exchange on signs or in advertising, but they could: their current phone number is the same as it is on this 19th Street plate. This chain link fence sign was spotted near Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. The NI exchange is for a Brooklyn name: Nightingale. MU is Murray Hill—which makes sense, since this plaque was found laying low on the side of a building in the East 40s.

Will someone really answer the call? Exeter was a Long Island City exchange—from a warehouse building in Chelsea. The CA exchange—CAnal, of course.

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Tony Bad. Fire Safety Admin. I live in Ralph's old place. Still got the same number. Man, this board is full of old farts. What I don't understand is The letters are still on the phone and they still correspond to the same numbers. YOrktown 6 were the first three digits. Can't reveal any more than that as it is still a functioning number.

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That was how we learned our phone number back then, "Y-O I think I was a teenager before I finally started reciting my phone number as " MOhawk 6 was my parents in Newington, CT. CApitol and we originally didn't have that fifth number prefix. I believe it was added 1 in the early 50s. About 30 years ago, I did just the opposite. I was able to get 6-STAR for my phone number! PRescott Go figure.

AT&T Archives: Switchboards, Old and New (Bonus Edition)

Olliver 8 was the prefix for our town until the late 60's. Now, we have changed area codes 3 times due to number overlap. FRanklin 4? Sounds like the 5 town area. I do some work for a fuel oil company that had its origins in that area and their number was FR Growing up, ours was DAvenport 6 and I remember a slew of others.

The TE-7 became in the mid 60's but the rest remained the same. In fact, despite a few moves over the years, my Mom was able to keep the same phone number until she went into assisted living in Double Cheeseburger. FLeetwood and TWinbrook , damn thats years ago. Now ask me what I had for lunch on Wednesday.

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  5. BA ldwin We had dial phones but the small local phone company had a three minute limit on local calls, i. To continue talking you had to re-dial. I loved it; it was a great tool for managing the length of girl friend calls! Oh, another "blast from the past". In my mother and two grandmothers I am the onlychild of only children and was a tad bit "spoilt" took me to see the then brand new Disneyland via the PRR and Super Chief. My father and grandfather had to make a reservation with the phone company to call us at a pre-arranged time and place in Anaheim!

    The exchange became a block during the 60's for the emerging mobile telephone and paging services. Jim, you just brought up another gem for us old timers. Before the 5 digit zip codes, we lived in Miami 35 Florida although few people put the numbers. You would get a letter for example addressed to Grosse Point 35 Miami or Shenandoah, Miami often times without the two digit number. I think that's still available.

    I remember people in my section of Brooklyn begging the phone company for a SH ore Road number rather than a TE rrace number. Never knew exactly why, because, frankly, the hosing seemed to be more or less the same.