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How to Scan QR Codes with iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Step 4. Once the code is scanned, a notification will appear. Pressing the notification will take you to the QR code destination via a web browser.

How to Scan on the iPad : iPad Tutorials

As mentioned, most users will have a device compatible for iOS If your iPhone or iPad is not on the software version and is compatible, you should update to get the QR scanning feature. The devices compatible with iOS 11 are iPhones starting from the fifth series.

How to Scan QR Code with iPhone or iPad

If you are running an iOS device that will not update to iOS 11, your options are limited in terms of a built-in QR code reader. Apple included QR reading functionality in its Wallet app for digital payment purposes, but that does not help people who scan QR code for company information, purchases in an online store, or to download data. Like most problems on iOS, there is a third-party app that can come to the rescue. In the App Store there are dozens, if not hundreds of QR code scanner apps for iPhone from third-party developers. We had an old iPad Mini running iOS As you may expect, the app does what it says on the tin.

When you first open QR Code , you will need to give the app permission to use the iPhone or iPad camera. Once the permission is granted, you just need to point the camera screen at the QR code. This is trickier on an iPad compared to an iPhone, but the scanner will eventually line up and automatically read the code and provide a notification. Tapping the notification will bring you to the code destination. It is worth pointing out that QR Code is certainly not the only app that will get the job done.


There are numerous third-party apps that each offer a similarly quick and efficient way to scan QR code, so we suggest you take a quick look through the App Store to find the best for you. There are people who like Pepsi and people who like Coca-Cola, dog people and cat people, party…. Lately, smartphone users are divided into two groups: Android supporters and iPhone worshipers.

Not mentioning Windows phones,…. Now scans QR codes, barcodes, documents and puzzles.

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I have just tried the URL and the text options and both work very well.

How to Scan QR Codes with iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Supports our QR codes on a fly, no need to copy anything and manually open Safari. All I need. Thank you dev! Just bought app incl in app purchase. All links to support fail. Website unavailable, email rejected.

Link from app to Help Guide brings up blank page! Is this company still operating?