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Then drag yahoo news to your screen and the problem will be solved. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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How do I get the Yahoo Mail app on my Samsung Galaxy device?

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Viewed 3k times. I have set up a Briefing alarm clock.

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I love hearing news when I wake up. News should always be fresh. There is always something new for Reuters to write I looked at a preproduction version of the phone, which is scheduled to hit the U. Is it simple? But this beta phone is far from fully baked, and some of the design decisions are just plain weird.

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Instead of a sea of hard-to-see Android icons, you get the following menu, featuring five buttons with extra-large type. Simple Smart Phone.

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  7. The basic smartphone functions — calling, texting, and viewing pictures — are all easily accessible on the top menu. The other standard Android and Samsung apps are hiding under the Apps menu. Other geezer-friendly features include a haptic keyboard with extra large keys and a time delay.

    By default, you have to hold your finger on a button or a key for 1. This is designed to help people who end up touching the wrong letters or buttons because their hands shake too much. Fortunately, you can go into the Android settings and select a different keyboard. When you make a call, the phone reads the numbers out loud as you punch them in, or it lets you dial by voice.

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    These are all good, helpful features. Pressing the Help button brings up these two big buttons:. The SOS button on top connects to a live human who can determine if a family member or emergency responders need to be dispatched. Family members can get a text message whenever the senior issues an SOS. The bottom button brings you to customer service and tech support. A VIP service will be available later this year. I made a couple of calls to both numbers and found the technicians polite and responsive, if perhaps a little surprised to be hearing from someone in the U.

    Google Play Store. A companion Android app, called K.

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    4. That app was not yet working as this article was being prepared. This was very much a beta version of the phone. For one thing, there are misspellings and grammatical errors in the on-screen menus.

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      That means if you go three or four levels deep into the menu for instance, to launch the browser , you can only back out of it by pressing the Home button and starting over again from the top-level menu. You have to go four levels deep and tap all four corners of the screen in clockwise order to get to where you can update contacts, select ringtones, set up safety zones, and the like.

      Presumably, this is to avoid having seniors accidentally change a setting and bollix their phones.