Iphone remote wipe without sim card

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If someone else has your lost device, consider changing the passwords that were saved to your device or Google Account. Keep an eye on your credit card statements, and report any fraudulent purchases to your credit card company. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community.

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Google Account. General security information Find, lock, or erase your lost phone or computer. Find, lock, or erase your lost phone or computer If your phone, tablet, or laptop is lost or stolen, follow these steps to help find and secure your device.

Setup and Activate an iPhone without a SIM Card

Open a browser, like Chrome. If you're using someone else's device, use private browsing mode. Open your Google Account. In the "Security" section, select Find a lost or stolen phone.

Apple's 'Find My iPhone' works great, but thieves can easily disable

Select the lost phone, tablet, or Chromebook. Follow the step-by-step suggestions to help find and secure the device.

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If you're using someone else's device, when you're done, sign out by closing private browsing mode. Get more help For a lost iPhone, learn about ways to locate and secure your device with iCloud. Your mobile carrier might be able to help in a few ways, such as: Redirecting your calls to a different number Ordering a new SIM card Turning off your SIM card, so someone else can't make calls or send messages Your device isn't listed Check that you're signed in to the right Google Account on the device you're currently using.

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  • Windows, Mac, and Linux computers aren't listed under "Find your phone. You might need to sign in.

    Under "Security," select Signing in to Google. Apple has support pages explaining the methods you can use to back up your iOS device , and these include via iCloud or via iTunes. This will reveal the time and size of your last backup.

    How to Completely Wipe a Phone Before Selling It | NordVPN

    Now you're free to factory reset your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, open iTunes, connect your device to your computer enter your passcode or tell it you 'Trust This Computer' and follow the on-screen steps. The easiest way to back up your media is by connecting your iPhone or iPad to a laptop. If your iOS device has crashed or stalled, and you only wish to reset reboot it, then you can do so easily without deleting any of your data by pressing and holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for seconds.

    If you do need to get hold of a totally new iPhone, you'll need to go to the Apple store or a mobile outlet, or you can get a SIM-free model on Amazon.