Hp nokia symbian 808 pureview

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Nokia Rolling Out 808 PureView in May

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First Look: Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 610 Smartphones

View more. Forgot Password. Your E-mail:. Please wait for price information to be registered. Video of Nokia PureView. Rating : 4. The best one Maganda ang features nitong Nokia PureView tsaka sa design medyo kakaiba ang itsura nito. Write a review on this product Read more reviews on this product. Forum of Nokia PureView handphone ini sangat canggih dan dilengkapi dengan game game seru.

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  • Latest model. Nokia 8. Interestingly, there were more gallery options on preceding Nokia devices, which makes it a curious oversight that there are literally no menu options on its latest phone. You'll have to select each unwanted photo individually if you want to delete.

    Nekad !!! Sony X Compact vs Nokia 808 Pureview Camera & Video test

    We found it easier to fill the phone up with photos, connect to a PC and delete in batches, but it remains another niggle of the Belle OS. Nokia still continues to deliver on voice call quality, with crisp calls augmented by an extra noise-cancelling mic. The Nokia PureView is a world-friendly slice of camera phone, with pentaband 3G connectivity up to The PureView won't be alone when it hits stores.

    Alongside our review model, Nokia delivered a smorgasbord of accessories to augment its new cameraphone, including a tripod adapter, rubberized case, micro-HDMI cable reel and that new universal portable USB charger. The tripod adapter is a spring-loaded bracket that's happy to grip onto the device whether it's in the case or not. This can then be attached to a small-fixture tripod, stabilizing the cameraphone when you're seeking out the crispest images, or looking to make the most of the full-resolution mode -- those extra pixels are prone to blurring.

    The hard cover wraps around the back of the phone, the sides and just around the lip of the front side. While it's not as pleasing to the touch as the phone's own finish, it's a snug fit and the plastic casing adds a bit more rigidity to the shutter key. The other ports are left open to access, while the case includes a tethered cover for the lens component which satisfyingly clicks into place. Surprisingly, perhaps, it's Nokia's universal portable charger that we're most enamored with. Measuring mm length-wise, the pod can be charged through the micro-USB port at one end.

    Four LED lights indicate exactly how much of the 2,mAh battery is full, while the USB port at the other end can connect to any device capable of using its mA output. It's not limited to Nokia hardware or even smartphones, although the color selection and polycarbonate design seem best suited for Nokia's own Lumia range.

    We like the idea of carrying this around in lieu of a spare battery, especially with the portable charger's larger capacity. Rounding out the accessory selection is a 3-meter HDMI cable that's admittedly less visually interesting, but does what it promises to and can be stored away in a flexible pouch.

    Nokia PureView review: the future of mobile imaging, wrapped in the smartphone past

    The Nokia PureView is the best cameraphone out there, but you'll have to be willing to forgo the simplicity, function and comfort of competing smartphones if you intend to own it. You also have to be seriously imaging-obsessed to handle this as your daily driver. While Nokia has made some effort to make image sharing painless, these features are still limited, with constrained options and an OS that often collapses under the weight of even moderate demands.

    The 's low-noise shots, even in dim light, and its lossless digital zoom features roar. Throw in the superb video- and audio-recording performance and you have a clear cameraphone champion. The problem is, it's one that demands a more capable and future-facing operating system. Buyer's Guide. Log in.

    Sign up. Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable. Bose headphones review: The pursuit of perfection. Latest Reviews. See all articles. Latest in megapixel. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. Gallery: Nokia PureView review 52 Photos Engadget Score Poor. Nokia PureView. Pros Best cameraphone everSuperb video and audio recordingScreen easily viewable outdoors.

    Summary The PureView is easily the best cameraphone yet. How would you rate the PureView? We want to hear what you think. Post a quick review now to join the conversation! Write a review. Hardware While the PureView forgoes the N8's metal casing, we can't think of a phone that has a more solid-feeling plastic shell than this.

    Screen Nokia continues to use Gorilla Glass on its devices, this time even coating the camera lens with the stuff -- a wise decision. Camera Forget the awkward industrial design. Gallery: Nokia PureView sample shots Photos As you'd expect, it all starts with a nice sensor.

    There's been a lot of brouhaha about the megapixel camera aboard the PureView, and rightfully so. Image quality isn't about the number of pixels as much as it is about pixel size. On the one hand, 41 megapixels seems like overkill -- on the other hand, it's what makes the PureView technology possible. Consider this: at 1. This means that pixel for pixel, this shooter matches the competition -- it just uses five times more pixels per image than an 8-megapixel camera. Of course, this is all meaningless without a proper lens. Here, the PureView delivers again with an autofocus prime lens made by Carl Zeiss that features five aspherical glass elements in one group and a mechanical shutter.

    Unlike most of the competition, the incorporates both a xenon flash for stills and an LED light for video the latter also being used to assist with autofocus.

    Nokia 808 PureView Phone Cases, Selfie Sticks and Cell Phone Holder

    A dedicated two-stage shutter key rounds out the camera hardware -- we expect any cameraphone worth its salt to have one. This particular button is decent, but the second detent feels a little mushier and harder to press than we'd like. Now let's talk about Nokia's PureView technology. What's the big deal, anyway? How does it work? Let's begin with that megapixel sensor. Capturing this many pixels enables a software trick known as pixel oversampling.

    Since a final 8- or 5-megapixel photo usually contains enough detail for printing and is easier to store and transmit, it's possible to use those 41 megapixels to zoom in or stabilize the image without resorting to interpolation and losing information. By combining many pixels to create a single higher-quality pixel, oversampling also removes Bayer pattern problems and reduces noise. Better yet, all this applies to video recording. The net result is crisper stills and videos, with less noise and more detail. Software Anyone that comes to the PureView from a similarly Symbian device will wave away many of our complaints about Belle FP1, but that doesn't make them any less valid.

    Gallery: Nokia PureView screen shots 43 Photos Keyboard While this is the best native keyboard Symbian's got to offer, it makes the iPhone's appear positively forward-looking in comparison, to say nothing of Android's well-rounded stock offering and SwiftKey an Engadget staff favorite. Browser Giving some credit to that 1.

    Accessories The PureView won't be alone when it hits stores. Gallery: Nokia PureView accessories 21 Photos Wrap-up The Nokia PureView is the best cameraphone out there, but you'll have to be willing to forgo the simplicity, function and comfort of competing smartphones if you intend to own it.

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