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Or the Apple Watch Series 5 could add a more efficient processor that could switch to a low-power mode at night. The report does suggest it may not be ready until , however. WatchOS 6 will bring the Cycle app to track women's menstrual cycles on the Apple Watch, along with the Noise app to monitor different sound levels you're exposed to throughout the day. But these features will come to previous models as well and don't require FDA clearance.

If there are any sleep tracking functions on the Watch S5, they likely wouldn't be FDA-cleared either.

Findings from clinical studies are published before clearance like that happens, and we haven't heard anything yet. Fitbit , which has had sleep tracking functions on its trackers for years, has been pursuing FDA clearance for sleep apnea detection and has a new sleep score beta that's been in place since to collect more data. That could be more along the lines of where Apple may be headed between S5 and S6 watches.

Galaxy Watch Active (40mm), Black (Bluetooth)

Blood pressure isn't likely, although competitors are exploring ways to track it on watches. The Omron HeartGuide is an inflatable wrist-cuff watch that's more a medical device than a regular smartwatch. Samsung has a study with UCSF that's exploring how successful the Galaxy Watch Active's heart rate monitor can be at estimating blood pressure, but the study is opt-in and still hasn't produced definitive results yet.

Last year, a dedicated watch face store seemed like a real possibility. But that never came to fruition. Will it happen in ? The Apple Watch doesn't use Qi yet.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Specs, release date, features and news

Now that AirPower is dead , the Apple Watch feels lost on a proprietary charging island. The Series 5 Watch was meant to work with AirPower, but doesn't currently work with Qi wireless chargers. Maybe the next watch will Under the hood we can expect the incremental changes that Apple has been giving the Apple Watches in the past. The Series 3 has Apple's dual-core S3 chip and W2 wireless chip, while the Series 4 has an S4 chip with a dual-core 64 bit processor, making it nearly twice as fast as its predecessor, as well as having a W3 wireless chip.

Chances are the next Apple Watch will have an S5 chip and W4 wireless chip. But aside from guessing the name, it's tough to tell how the new chips will impact the overall performance of the Series 5 watch. The iPhone used to require a computer to set up. So did the iPod. The Apple Watch remains an iPhone-only device right now, but that may change very soon.

The next WatchOS 6 update, coming in September, will make the Apple Watch more independent from the phone, by giving it a standalone app store and over-the-air updates that you can download directly to the watch. More recently we learned that WatchOS 6 will also give you access to workout summaries on the Apple Watch, even after you've dismissed them.

Before, you had to look for them in the Activities app on the iPhone. The only thing missing to free the Apple Watch from the iPhone is the initial setup process, which could come in the Series 5. Maybe a basic "Apple Watch" model, in the spirit of the 9. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.

Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only. Calls maybe recorded for training and quality purposes.

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How do I watch a video on Samsung Galaxy S5 while doing something else on the device? Playing a video. Pop-up Video Multitasking. If the control menu is hidden simply touch the video to unhide the menu. In the example below, we are composing an email while watching a video in the pop-up window. Where can I find downloaded files on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

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