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With the AD headset adapter the N95 introduced support for multiple remote control buttons on the headset. Users can also use Bluetooth for audio output using, or use the built-in stereo speakers. The N95 is also capable of playing video in,,, and, in newer firmware, formats. All of the phone's video output can also be played through the feature. TV-out is a feature offered by the phones OMAP processor, that allows users to connect the smartphone, using the supplied cable, to a TV or any other composite video input.

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Its main purpose is to allow users to show photos and videos on a large screen. The N95's built in capabilities also allow the user to share the phones' media over a network. This provides easy access to the photos, music, and videos stored on the phone, from other capable devices on the network, enabling them to be watched or downloaded over the air.

Internet [ ]. Back of an N95, with the lens-cover open The N95 has built-in, with which it can access the Internet through a wireless network. The N95 can also connect to the Internet through a carrier packet data network such as,,. The -based browser displays full web pages as opposed to simplified pages as on most other phones.

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Web pages may be viewed in portrait or landscape mode and automatic zooming is supported. The N95 also has built-in Bluetooth and works with wireless earpieces that use 2. The phone can also act as a access point allowing a tethered PC access to a carrier's packet data network. And functionality is also included with the phone though some carriers have opted to remove this feature.

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Accelerometer [ ] The N95 includes a built-in. This was originally only used for video stabilization and photo orientation to keep landscape or portrait shots oriented as taken. Nokia Research Center has allowed an application interface directly to the accelerometer, allowing software to use the data from it.

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Nokia has released a application to demonstrate this. Another Nokia-created application taking advantage of the accelerometer is. Third-party programs have been created, including software that will automatically change the screen orientation when the phone is tilted, a program that simulates the sounds of a when the phone is waved through the air, a program allowing the user to mute the phone by turning it face-down, etc. N-Gage [ ] The N95 is compatible with the service. Retrieved 1 January Retrieved Retrieved 2 March February RSS Feed.

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Now we have all the needed softwares for creating Nokia C3 themes. Now Install Carbide.

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Now open Carbide. When you choose create theme, A page will open asking you about some information that you have to enter as shown in this image. Now choose Finish, Now you have created your theme sucssesfully, Open the carbide. Filed under Tutorials. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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